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11 Amazing Secret Techniques To Position Yourself As The Trusted Advisor and The Superior Choice In Your Market

//11 Amazing Secret Techniques To Position Yourself As The Trusted Advisor and The Superior Choice In Your Market

Without positioning yourself, you’re royally screwed. Read this to the end and implement if you are tired of competing on price. Either they love you or hate you, don’t let them tolerate you, or you’re competing on price.

Here are a few simple steps that you can use to position yourself in a superior way. Superior to the competition, and destroy them.

All you need is 1000 True fans to grow a business that thrives. That’s fan’s too, not clients. Those fans, over time, turn into clients. So what do you need to do to gain those followers? Here’s the formula I have used:

1. Gain Trust

People buy from people that care about them and understand who they are. To do that, you have to articulate the markets fears, desires, hopes, and dreams. What keeps them up at night? What are their deepest desires?

You have to identify and point out any of the existing gaps your marketplace has. I saw severe gaps in the “make money online” space …..BIG ones. This is why six years ago, I started hosting my own mastermind events to teach my team and clients how to brand themselves so they could be solely reliant on themselves.

I created my own products to fill those gaps. I’ve made myself an authority in the industry and articulate the solutions in a way that others understand. To gain the trust of others, you have to position yourself as an authority and be authentic to them.

2. Establish Your Character

Define who you are, and what you are all about. You can be and become whomever the hell you want, you are the master of your universe and the maker of your domain. People want to connect with a human, not a business. The question you must answer is, “Who am I?”.

Want to know what your character is? Here’s how you find out. Email 10 close friends, family members, and business associates. Ask them what some of your character traits are that they like and dislike. Find out which ones will play a key role in your character.

3. Vision For Your Market

Everyone has a reason that they start a business. For me, it was a way to take back the control of my life and how I wanted to raise my family. I left the corporate world because I was tired of chasing after someone else’s dream. I didn’t lose my drive, my competitiveness or even my 6 figure income, I lost my desire to conform to the “status quo” and gained the desire to become a Mother that could raise her children, not store them in daycare but still earn a solid 6 figure income.

Raising Hanalei the way I wanted to became my why. She’s the reason I get up every day and do what I do. So I ask you this, what’s your why? Why does your company exist?

Build your tribe by sharing your hopes, visions, and dreams for the market. Create a reason that people can stand behind you and support you. I believe that when you share your beliefs, you’ll attract those that believe the same way.

4. What’s Your Creation Story?

People need to know your back story and what got you to where you are today. We connect with stories and crave listening to them. It helps us not feel alone in the world. You never know how your experiences will affect someone else.

Don’t leave out the trials and tribulations you experienced when you share your story. I have told my tribe my failures as well as my successes. They need to know that you are a human and can understand where they are.

Brian and I entered into a bad business deal several years ago and had to file bankruptcy. It was one of the most difficult days of my life. I stood there, holding my precious baby. I had a choice to make that day. Do I back down and go back to work? Or do I figure this thing out and keep my promise to my little girl. Without that turn of events, I doubt I’d be where I am today. It’s good to tell people the things that have happened in your life that didn’t turn out the way you hoped.

5. Behaviors

If you went to a restaurant or store that didn’t have set business hours, you’d likely not go there. You need a place that will tell you what you can expect out of them and then stay faithful to that. So I ask you, what kind of behaviors can your market expect to see from you? How can they expect you to show up?

They want to get close to you and learn you. They want to figure out how to predict you the same way they would a loved one or close friend. When you keep changing things up and you don’t stay consistent, they will get tired and move on.

6. Polarize – Piss Them Off

What do you stand for and what does your market stand for, that might piss other people off? Talk about shady practices other competitors are doing. Bring it to the light that you’re a hero. Be bold and act like one.

Believe me when I say that I’ve called out crappy marketing tactics that I see. When someone is being salesy and pushy, I’m going to say something about it. It’s my goal to teach those that work with me how to be genuine and truly help people. Not to see people as a dollar sign.

7. Common Language

It’s important that you create a language for your brand. You need signature sentences that are iconic and relate to who you are. Develop phrases or key sentences you will stick to and be consistent with.

Here are a few of my common phrases:

  • Sexy Brand Building
  • Sealed With a Kiss Promise
  • Freedompreneur

I’ve defined these words over and over so that when I say them, they connect with my tribe. Creating a common language brings unity to your group.

8. Show Up

Where can your market expect you to show up? You don’t have to get on every single platform out there, but pick a few and stay consistent with them. My weapons of choice are Facebook and email. These are two areas where I really shine and connect with my followers.

Here is a look at the platforms you can choose from:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Blogging
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Email
  • Snapchat

There are so many ways to get in front of the people that are interested in what you have to say. The best thing to do is to start with the platforms that you are already engaging on. You’ll be a lot more consistent in places that you hang out.
I love to do Facebook live and have series like the Help me Rhonda Show or Walk and Talk Wednesdays. Check it out.

First walk & Talk Wednesday of the year!!!Follow her on insta to get details for contest releasing soon ❤️ #Beunstoppable#HappyNewYear

Gepostet von Rhonda Renee Swan am Dienstag, 1. Januar 2019

9. Velvet Rope Technique

What can you use that will make your paying clients, potential clients, and staff feel special? Private groups? Private Information? Special Invites? Special Treatment?

Here are a few things that I do for my clients:

  • Welcome gift box
  • VIP retreats
  • Group calls
  • Private Facebook groups

You want to create something that people are dying to get into. Whatever you put behind the rope, make it visible to the outsiders. This will get them excited about joining so they can have access to the value you’ve put together.

10. Evangelists – Third Party Testimonials

Testimonials yell louder than you ever can. Have your clients yelling about you from the mountain-tops. Here’s a hint though, you must ask for testimonials, never expect. Your clients will be happy to give their experience if you ask them. That doesn’t mean they will do it on their own.

Make it a habit to ask people that have worked with you to share their story with others. If they have felt what you offered is valuable, then they will gladly help others make the same decision.

11. Mentors & Advisors

“The riskiest thing you can do now is safe. The safe thing to do is to be at the fringes, be remarkable.” -Seth Godin

I had a chip on my shoulder when I was growing up. I’m a very determined person and have always taken pride in my own abilities- to a fault. There were plenty of years I spent getting in my own way and failing. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t do things that cause you to fail, but you should have people in your life that can guide you when you do.

When I decided I had enough of trying to do it on my own, I invested in the best mentors in the industry. It was the best decision I ever made. They are the ones that gave me the solid advice I needed to build my business and get where I am today. In fact, I still look to others in the industry to give me insights and teach me. I’m a life-long learner.

You need people that will hold you accountable. People that will give you the insights you cannot see into your prospects mind. When you feel like giving up, these people are the ones that will encourage you to move forward and keep going.

Here’s the truth:

Successes weren’t born – They’re made.

Marketers weren’t born – They’re made.

Trusted Advisors weren’t born -They’re made.

Anything you see anyone else doing, you can do it, too. You don’t have to wait until you’ve made it to become a mentor to someone else. You just have to be a few steps ahead of them.

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