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12 Entrepreneurs Give Their Secrets to Personal Branding

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I had the amazing honor of being featured in Entrepreneur Magazine alongside 11 other incredible entrepreneurs. Each of us had a chance to share our top tips for supercharging your personal brand. Of course, I was excited to give my insights into this topic, because it is what I live and breathe!

Here’s what the 12 of us entrepreneurs had to say.

Grant Cardone

Grant is the host of The Cardone Zone and the author of the book, Be Obsessed or Be Average. He says the best way to supercharge your personal brand is to become a superstar right where you are. You don’t have to build your name- your accomplishments will speak volumes.

Kevin Harrington

Kevin was one of the original Sharks on Shark Tank and a pioneer of the “As Seen on TV” industry. He says that publishing is your greatest asset when building your personal brand. Publish books, articles, videos, anything that gets your message out there. Publishing gives you credibility and makes you stand out above your competition.

Tai Lopez

Tai is an investor and partner in many multi million-dollar businesses. He says that telling great stories on social media is the way to go. Don’t just haphazardly post about what’s going on in your life, but take the time to build real stories through your posts. Be sure to include other people in your story to make it even more engaging. This can be your family, your friends, colleagues, or whoever you interact with.

Barbara Corcoran

Barbara is the founder of the Corcoran Group and currently a Shark on Shark Tank. She says that the best way to develop your personal brand is to submit industry statistical reports. Then, name the report after yourself. This will allow reporters and producers to quote you.

Com Mirza

Com is the CEO of Fitness Expo Dubai and also “The $500 Million Man”. He says that nothing builds your personal brand better than educating your audience. Offer conferences, hangouts, webinars, or anything that can educate them on things they are interested in.

Manny Khoshbin

Manny is the president of The Khoshbin Company and also the author of Contrarian Playbook. He says that everyone has an unique story that needs to be shared. Leverage your personal story to  make connections and boost your reach.

Ian Clark

Ian is the founder and CEO of Activation Products. He says that the best way to resonate with others is to invest in your health. When you are feeling and looking your best, your mood will shine through. Not only that, the healthier you are, the greater your brain function.

Kim Barrett

Kim is the founder of Your Social Voice. If you didn’t know, Kim and I have done projects together. He says that speaking at events and distributing videos of yourself is the best way to brand yourself. Whether you host your own events, or attend them, getting in front of your audience is vital.

Calvin Coyles

Calvin is the CEO of Young & WIldly Successful. As a young entrepreneur, he’s grown his YWS to nine figures in 10 months. His advice is to go live daily to engage with your audience. Facebook Live is a godsend to marketers that are looking to expand their personal brand.

Josh Black

Josh is the CEO of GroupM Content in Asia as well as an investor and entrepreneur. He says that you should focus on improving everything you do in a day by 1%. Over the course of time, it will add up to great gains.

Rhonda Swan

I’m Rhonda Swan, the founder of Your Brand is My Business and The Freedom-Preneur Movement. I’ve been working in the industry for over 10 years. My biggest piece of advice to you is to develop systems that will reinforce your brand. Regardless of how busy you are, you need to publish fresh blog content, work towards speaking engagements, and develop a unified branding across your platforms.

Neil Twa

Neil is the cofounder of eCom Pro Academy. He shares that if you want to expand your personal brand, you must be intentional and purposeful to build a tribe. When you invest in a small number of people, and they become successful, it will build your influence. As they grow in success from your investment, they will spread the word about you like wildfire.


These men and women are very successful. They have put into practice these strategies and are reaping the reward. It is always a good idea to listen to what other experts are doing so that you can increase your success.

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