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Sexy Brand Building Formula

12 Week “DWY” (done with you) Private Coaching

— a live interactive brand building course designed to help you finally build your brand and start a profitable and purposeful business you love.

This course was made for you, especially if you’ve been held back by fear, indecision and confusion about how to build your brand and turn it into a profit making machine .

Nothing is more gut wrenching than knowing you’re meant to do something great in this world, but you’re not able to move ahead because you’re unclear, overwhelmed and un-guided.  Add to that, the anxiety that comes from not knowing if what you’re creating is what people really want or will buy.

Hi, I’m Rhonda Swan a.k.a “The Unstoppable Momma”, being an entrepreneur myself and the founder of  two of the fastest growing brand building and online educational courses; [Freedom-Preneur Movement & Sexy Brand Building Formula,]  that supports marketers and small business owners, these frustrations and stresses are near and dear to my heart.

So, after hearing from thousands of my clients and followers who struggle with this exact issue, I wanted to do something. My mission is to change the platform of how online businesses and brands are being built.

These 3 core problems is what I’ve discovered most entrepreneurs struggle with:

“I’m multi-passionate and have a great story I want to share, but when it comes to getting started I am lost, and don’t know where to start. I watch what others are doing, and try to put all the pieces together myself, but I always seem to stay in the same stuck place.”

“I have an idea for a product but the tech-stuff stops me in my tracks, causing me to do everything manually, which leads to burn-out and unfulfillment, the thought of automation feels like a 4 year degree. I need someone to help  me get it done, so I can focus on what I’m good at.”

“I know what I want to do, but I’m doing everything manually. I don’t have any form of automation or a sales process that makes me money while I sleep. I’m burned out and my clients clients seem to own me. I need a sales process and automation bad”

You’re about to learn exactly how to create a SEXY brand and turn it into a profit making machine, so that you can finally do what you’re meant to do in this world — and give yourself the best possible chance for success.”


What We Do

The Sexy Brand Building 12 Week LIVE Coaching Program walks you through exactly what you need to understand, know and — most importantly — DO to ensure success.

This program & your panel of expert coaches will be there to help you:

  • Articulate your vision
  • Make clear, longterm choices
  • Take strategic, consistent action
  • Turn your business dream into a profitable reality

Together you will build your brand and create your first online course or product  — If you don’t have one, we will give you PLR (private lable rights) of our best products to make your own. Now you get to make the difference you were born to make.


The Course Curriculum
  1. Building Brand Awareness & Identity
  2. Dialing In Your Message
  3. The Hero’s Journey
  4. Defining Your Runway To The Money
  5. Lead Magnets
  6. List Building
  7. Creating Content That Converts
  8. Leveraging Membership Sites
  9. Product Development
  10. Sales Funnels
  11. Automation
  12. Defining Your “Runway To The Money”

Bonus #01

Complete Private Label Rights (PLR) To One Of My Highest Converting Products To Re-Brand And Make Your Own
($2,997 Value)

Building your brand means having a product or a program that is yours to keep 100% of the profits. If you don’t have a product idea or want to create your own from scratch- we will give you 3 options to choose, from my top producing products and give you the complete sales funnel.

We show you how to set it up, re-brand to make it yours, add your own content and you keep 100% the profits.  

That’s My Sealed With A Kiss Promise

Bonus #02

Welcome To The Tribe Special Gift Shipped To Your Doorstep
($149 Value)

You will receive a special package in the mail – with  a copy of my 7 Figure Brand Strategy Book “Inject $30K into your Business in 30 Days”, no welcome gift is complete without a Blue #FREEDOMPRENEUR t-shirt for the men,  or a Pink Sexy Freedom-Preneur t-shirt for the ladies .


Bonus #03

VIP Branding Retreat

Priority Pricing for Next Event

All Inclusive Retreat in Orlando, Florida

Includes Photo Shoot and Mastermind Sessions                       (Sept 25-29, 2019)

There are two specific outcomes we’re focused on in this course:

Getting you crystal clear on your brand, message and sales process — one that matches your strengths, skills, values and life goals

Equipping you with a strategic, consistent action plan to bring your idea to life and finally get it done.

What You Won’t Get

In Sexy Brand Building “DWY” (done with you) 12 week course, we do not hold your hand or do it for you. We are all adults and know that creating a business takes time and dedication. Our team of experts are here to assist, guide and show you the right steps to take to create success.

We’re also not covering anything dealing with choosing legal business structures, crafting business plans, financial forecasting, insurance, trademarking or anything granular relating to legal, taxes or liability. For all legal, insurance and tax ad­vice, you need to consult your attorney and your accountant.

How It Works

Sexy Brand Building “DWY” (done with you) 12 week course is a guided self-paced online course with 8 90 minute accountability guided sessions with a coach or expert. We control when you start and finish the program, but you control when you implement what we teach and show you.  After you enroll in the course, you’ll have an onboarding call, and instant access to the digital course work.  LIVE Sessions will begin based on the schedule, anyone can join at anytime during the course.

Please note: This digital program is not available in printed or physical form. We’re a green company and try to keep our carbon footprint as light as possible, although there are downloadable PDF’s and accompanying material you can print.


“I made $9k on my first offer”

– Tara, “Fierce Fitness”

“My whole business is now online”

– Inge, “Balanced Foodologist”

“I launched in 21 days and earned $15k”

– Tammy, “Champagne Lifestyle”

Rhonda Swan


Why I Created This

For the past 13 years, I’ve been running my own successful business. I started from a one-woman shop with a vision to never put my child in daycare to a household brand inspiring people to follow their passions live their dream life. I’ve helped thousands of others start and grow their own businesses and brands.

Through my website and Help Me Rhonda Show- I’m asked everyday “How do I get started in business and build my brand?”— especially when you’re afraid to fail, torn between a lot of different business ideas and lost about what to do next.

I really wanted to help. Especially because I remember how painful it was when I first  started my business online. I felt overwhelmed, insecure and without a clue on how to best move ahead. So I’ve taken the most important lessons (and the expensive mistakes) both myself and thousands of others have made, and turned it into a clear, action-oriented and affordable roadmap.

This course is run by 3 of my most successful clients
that are now Certified Coaches of our Program.

Leticia B

Leticia Campbell

“Sales Strategist”


Starrwyn Tonkin

“Technical Tactition”


Program Investment


Paid in Full


3 Payments ($2000 deposits, 2 payments of $1500)


Digital Course Only


Paid in Full


3 Payments

Repeater’s price for this program is $1,500 for 12 weeks

* All members receive discounts for all events

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As a fellow business owner who started my own business in debt, I know it’s important to be mindful of every penny you invest. That’s why the Sexy Brand Building Formula 12 Week Program comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you do the work and honestly feel you didn’t get any value from the experience, please write us within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund. We require your full, completed coursework and a detailed explanation of what didn’t work for you so we can continue to improve. The reason we ask for your completed coursework is because we know that if you take action on the exercises — you’ll get tremendous value and make massive progress towards your goals.


or your money back!