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5 Simple Tips to Creating a Sexy Brand

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One of the most overlooked aspects of social business and social media is the power of the personal brand. Unfortunately, many marketers and business leaders wrongly assume that personal branding is only for those looking to be “famous” or become some type of online or social marketing “guru.” This couldn’t be further from the truth.

When was the last time you handed your credit card to a logo?

When is the last time a branded logo or corporate branded sign spoke back to you? How about called you? When was the last time that branded Twitter avatar called you back? When was the last time a robot served your food, or checked you out at the grocery store?

All Brands are Made up of People

The truth is that brands, corporations, organizations, businesses big and small are made up of human beings. Human beings just like me and you. Human beings that breathe, eat, sleep, think, cry, laugh and communicate with one another.

Behind every branded corporate Twitter avatar, Facebook page, LinkedIn group and Instagram profile is a human being. Someone took the photo. Someone posted the photo. It was a human being who wrote the copy being tweeted or posted to Facebook.

People Buy From People- Not Brands

Bottom line, human beings speak to, communicate with and buy from other human beings. Of course a brand is not a human. A logo is not a human. However, we can help make brands more human by empowering and bringing to the front the human beings within.

Develop Your Personal Brand

Personal branding is when you build trust with others by being real and authentic. You are showing people that the life they want is absolutely possible. The outcomes they want are achievable, and you have a way to help them get there.

Don’t be a copycat of what everyone else is doing. Personal branding is just that- personal. You are showcasing your experiences and story, not features of a product or service. When people see that you have something they want, they will look to you on how to get it.

So how do you create your sexy brand? Here’s 5 simple tips that will get you started.

1.  Determine What Makes You Unique

There is something unique about you and you need to determine what it is. Maximizing on the things that make you who you are will cause you to stand out. Take Lady Gaga for example. She’s a woman that knows how to get attention. Do you remember back when she wore a dress made out of meat? When you show up to MTV’s Video Music Awards, you are going to stand out. This act brought her so much attention and gained her a massive platform to share her message.

2. Define Your Company or Brand’s Values

What do you stand for? Are you one that wants to give back, give freedom, bring simplicity, etc?. Think about Toms shoes. For every shoe that the company sells, they give one to a child that is need.  They have a one for one business model and it has set them apart in the shoe world. People have rallied around the cause, because it is bigger than themselves.

Your values become the heartbeat of your brand. When you determine your values and stick with them, people will support it.

3. What Is Your USP?  

A USP is your unique strategic positioning, or what I like to say, Unstoppable Sexy Positioning. What can your brand do for someone that another company in your niche’ can’t do?

You want to present your unique offerings in such a way that your customers aren’t choosing you simply based off of price. Rather, they are choosing you, because you’ve given them the most value.

Think about the Zara clothing brand. They are an incredibly successful clothing brand from Spain. Their fashion line is affordable and stylish. In fact, they now own over 12 different clothing lines. Did you know they have never once paid for advertising? They have mastered brand positioning and made it work for them.

Apple is another brand that comes to mind that has done an amazing job with brand positioning. In fact, according to the Best Global Brands Report in 2016, Apple has been the world’s most valuable brand for the last 4 years. How’s that for success in brand positioning?

  1. Come up With a Hooky Slogan You Can Be Remembered For

Your slogan needs to be clear and concise, yet something that is memorable. People need to read your tag line and know exactly what you have to offer. They also need something that is easy to remember.

For the Freedom-Preneur movement, we used this slogan-

We make the small things learnable so you can make the Big things happen

For my Sexy Brand Building course, I have used-

Turn your sexy brand into a profit making machine

Some other slogans you might be familiar with-

  • McDonald’s- I’m loving it
  • Nike- Just do it
  • Chick-fil-a- Eat mor’ chicken
  • Apple- Think different
  • Dollar Shave Club- Shave time. Shave money.
  • MasterCard- There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard
  1. Be Consistent, Consistent, Consistent

If you are not present on the media channel your audience plays in the most, they will buy from someone else.  All the heavy lifting is what you do in the front end before they buy. If you drop off after months of quality promotion, people will buy from your competitor.

They will do this because we know that it takes 7-9 times for people to buy something. If you have been giving it all you’ve got and then disappear, when your audience is ready to buy, they will go with someone else.

If you are read to bring your heartbeat back into your brand, and see your brand grow every beat, join me inside of the Sexy Brand Building membership site. Learn more through the link below. 

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