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8 Mistakes Keeping You From Success in Business

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I work with people every day that have hit a breaking point. They can’t understand why they haven’t had the success in business that they hoped for. I’ve been there.

Success in business didn’t happen overnight for me. I had made my fair share of rookie moves that laid me flat on my back. I spun my wheels and wasn’t getting anywhere. It was when I decided to listen to those that were more successful than me that I began to increase my earnings and influence.

Here’s the mistakes that I made that you might be making right now.

1. You Don’t Know the Why Behind Your Business

What’s your why? You why is your reason behind doing what you do. For me, it’s my daughter. I made a commitment to her a long time ago that I would never put her in childcare. I also committed that I would be there for her, instead of being a slave to a corporate office.

My family is why I’m motivated to do what it is I do in business. It keeps me focused and on track. Whenever I need to be reminded to keep going, I just look at Hanalei, and it gives me what I need to pick back up and keep going.

2. You Lack Consistency and a Plan

Planning is a complete must. I utilize a 21 day plan that I talk more about in my Sexy Brand Building course. This is a strategy I’ve had in place for many years and it has always brought me leads.

When you don’t have a plan, you are much less likely to be consistent. I write out exactly what my topics are from day to day in a very specific format so I can be on point with everything I say. Without that, I wouldn’t communicate well or stay on track.

3. You Don’t Get People Plugged In to Your Community

To have success in business you should avoid these mistakes.

Building your tribe is an essential part of your brand. People want to be a part of something that is bigger than themselves. Consumers are no longer satisfied just buying from big box stores. They want to be part of something great.

Getting people plugged into your community helps them go further and ultimately grow your business. Focus on getting together like minded people and your message will spread.

4. You Expect Stellar Results From Half Ass Efforts

Don’t expect to get a full time salary from part time efforts. When it comes to your business, what you put into it is what you’ll get out of it. It requires time and dedication to see the growth you want.

5. Your Customers Don’t Know What to Expect From You

One of the biggest mistakes that I see marketers making is that they are trying to sell too much. Their customers have no idea what to buy from them. Getting clear on your core message will tell your followers exactly what you have to offer them.

6. You Don’t Have a Team

I did everything when I got started working online. I wish I had figured out sooner that my business could exceed my wildest dreams if I put together a team of people that were skilled in their areas. There’s no way that I could do what I do without the team I have in place.

7. You Focus On Features of Your Services

People confuse what it means to add value to someone’s life. Don’t get caught up on the features of your services or products. Instead, give your customer an actionable point that will revolutionize their life right now. That will leave them wanting more.

8. You Are Trying to Make Someone Else’s Success in Business Your Own

It is my job to help you create your own unique brand. Even if you are an affiliate or in an MLM business, you still need to be you. People buy from you- not the company.

This is a place where I excel. I have the ability to take people’s passions and turn them into profit making machines. I help them get clarity on their message and deliver exactly what their customers desire.

If you are ready to have success in business, check out my Sexy Brand Building Formula. I give you a checklist of what you need to do in order to accomplish your goals.

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