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8 Social Media Trends You Need to Adopt For Your Brand

//8 Social Media Trends You Need to Adopt For Your Brand

I love what social media has done for us as a people. There’s no other time in our history where we could be this connected with people who aren’t standing right next to us. We’ve got the unique ability to absolutely revolutionize other people’s lives with our ideas, message, and influence.

If you haven’t invested in mastering social media for your brand, it’s time you figure it out. Here are 8 trends you need to pay attention to.

1. Being a Social CEO is No Longer Optional

With one fell swoop, social media has gone from a fun tool to a vital component for maintaining a successful brand. Your brand is more than logos, colors, and typography. We have entered a time when you need to give your brand a social identity.

As an owner, you need to give your brand human form. That’s why I’m such a huge advocate of personal branding. Social media is one of the best ways to establish your personal brand. Why? Because that’s where people go to connect.

Storytelling is one of the best ways to get people to emotionally connect with us. They want to see who we are, what we’re about and why we do what we do. Employees and consumers alike want to know who their company’s leaders are on a personal level. You need to create a social media strategy that shows you know the needs of your audience and you can show up for them in an authentic and transparent form.

2. Spotlight Your Audience with User-Generated Content

Many make the mistake of spending hours on their own social media content. Some may even hire out the work. But, as we start seeing less of a reach with organic social media content, start looking to your followers. Find their best content and highlight it on your own platform.

User-generated content is anything created by your fans and followers that promote your brand, rather than the brand promoting itself. Putting the spotlight on your audience will create that emotional connection they are looking for and will extend your reach. 68% of social media users agree that their buying choices are influenced by what they see on social media. This is one area you can’t neglect if you want your brand to see success.

3. Be Authentic in Advertising with LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

In this push for finding that emotional connection with your audience, you might be tempted to abandon sterile paid for advertising techniques. In a survey of B2B marketers, 80% of those surveyed stated they used paid ads to reach new followers. You can’t argue how important paid advertisement is but you need to maintain that connection.

So, what do you do? That’s where LinkedIn Dynamic Ads comes in. With this service, you can personalize your ads to include the profile information for each user. Now you can spotlight your product while maintaining that authentic, emotional connection.

4. Social Listening Defines Your Social Media Strategy

Too many fall into the trap of blasting their brand across social media and doing nothing else. On a basic level, we know that engagement is important but let’s take a look at the most important social media tool, social listening. These tools gather information about what your audience is saying about your brand and industry. Social listening is focused on how people feel about your brand, products, and the overall industry.

You can analyze their feedback to affect your future decisions or roll out products tailored to the needs of your audience. You can also use these tools to see what people are saying about your competitors to adjust your strategy as necessary.

5. Make Your Brand Transparent with Instagram

Instagram is becoming a rising star platform for personal brands. People love to see the behind the scenes look into your life. Stories, videos, and pictures capture your audience’s attention and gives you the platform to connect. 

What does that mean for you? Do more stories! Whenever you can get someone to message you, you’re creating the gateway for a relationship. Probably the best part about this platform is that you don’t have to overwhelm your audience with information.

6. Provide Emotional Connection Using Chatbots

In a time when more people are using messaging apps rather than social media platforms to connect with brands, you can easily miss out. Thankfully, chatbots provide an easy way to connect with your audience on a personal level. Chatbots is an artificial intelligence that is programmed to interact the way a human would.

They are most commonly used in dialogue form and work by scanning for keywords then replying by matching words to a database. We use them on our Facebook page to create a conversation with people and invite them to engage with us. 

7. Why You Should Care About Dark Social

Any time something is shared outside of social media, it goes into the realm of dark social. Let’s say someone enjoys an article and decides that their friend needs to see it. So, they copy the URL and paste it into a messaging app. That share has just entered what’s considered dark social and won’t have any tracking information attached to it.

You can’t just ignore this component because it’s responsible for 84% of outbound sharing.

Just because you can’t track social usage doesn’t mean your content isn’t being shared. It just means you have to change your strategy for measuring success. Lay out your goals and implement a strategy to measure each specific goal.

8. Create Engaging Videos and Lives

Videos are one trend that we’ll continue to see on the rise year after year, as it dominates every social media platform. 80% of content that is consumed online is video and is a vital piece of your social media strategy. In order to continue to reach your audience, you need to invest in visual tools such as live streaming and Stories.

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These live videos help to create that authentic relationship with your audience. More important than just going “live” and talking about your product, is creating an engaging video. You can use frequently asked questions or other concerns found through social listening to gather content for live streaming. Video is what takes your brand to that personal level to provide that genuine connection your audience craves.

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