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8 Ways to Cure the Overwhelmed and Stressed- Crush Overwhelm and Stress Series

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8 ways to cure the overwhelmed and stressed

We all have times in our lives where we feel stressed or a bit overwhelmed. That is normal to have happen here and there. The problem is when we make a life out of it and all we ever do is stress.

When you are in a constant state of stress, you put your body under tremendous strain. This physical stress can cause you to have health problems.

It is very important to Brian and I that we work to keep our lives in balance. That is why I’m going through this series of How to Crush Stress and Overwhelm.
In this series we are looking at:

6 Ingredients to Overwhelm “The Recipe for Disaster”

8 Ways to Cure the Overwhelmed and Stressed

7 Steps to Crushing Marketing Overwhelm

Today we are looking at the second topic on the list, ways to cure the overwhelmed and stressed out.

1. Take a Step Away From Your Surroundings

If you are in a place that is causing you to feel stressed, whether be a physical place or a situation, then you need to take a step away. Completely remove yourself from where you are so that you can gain a fresh perspective.

This could be as simple as picking up and going to a different room. Walk away from your computer or office desk. Go sit in a different chair or take your computer to a local cafe’.

By simply removing yourself from your surroundings, you will give your mind the change of scenery it needs.

2. Decide What Is Important

When you feel stressed out or overwhelmed, your mind becomes consumed with the task you have at hand. This task is likely the cause of your stress and if you continue to think about it, you will stay in that frame of mind.

If you have already taken a step away from your surroundings, this gives you the opportunity to clear your mind and think things through. Ask yourself, “What is the most important thing for me in this moment? How would I like to feel?”.

Thinking through your circumstances and asking yourself what your actual priorities are, will give you some perspective. Start by asking yourself a series of “Why” questions. The thought process can look like this:

  • Why am I working so hard at this job? To make a lot of money.
  • Why do I want to make so much money? To provide for my family and meet their needs.
  • Why do I want to take care of my family? I want to make them happy and care for them.
  • Why do I want to make them happy? I love them and they are important to me, so I will do what it takes to meet their needs.

In this example, for instance, you will understand that taking care of your family is the most important thing. If they are the most important thing, than being stressed out and overworked is not the best thing for you at the moment.

3. Journal To Keep Your Thoughts Under Control

When there is a lot going on in your head, then you need a way to get those thoughts out. Ideas swim around and clutter up your mental space. That is why it is the best thing to get your thoughts out on paper.

Writing things down helps you to make your thoughts tangible. You can see exactly what you are thinking and see clearly.

Personally, I find writing my thoughts down to be very therapeutic. In fact, a lot of my articles start out that way and I develop them into blog posts.

There is no perfect way to journal. Don’t try to organize your thoughts right away. Just get out everything that comes to mind on paper. You can organize your line of thinking later on.

4. Giving up Control is the Quickest Way to Cure Overwhelm

Are you guilty of trying to do everything yourself? I know I have been guilty of that plenty of times. One of the quickest ways to cure overwhelm is to stop trying to do it all yourself.

When I first started my blog, I tried to do everything myself. I wrote all my own posts, answered all of my questions, did my own designs, and advertised for it. As it grew bigger, I found out I couldn’t do it all myself and be successful.

Once I figured out that I couldn’t keep doing everything myself, I reached out and found people that I could trust to do the work. All I did was stress myself out, allow work to pile up, and I got no where.

5. Ask For Help and Actually Accept it

You might be surprised that people are willing to help you if you just ask. Often what gets in the way is we are too proud to ask anyone. We think it is a sign of weakness to tell others that we need some help.

Don’t believe me? Give it a try and just ask someone to help you out. You will likely be surprised at their generosity.

Brian went out of town for a week and I had to handle everything on my own. I asked some friends to come help me out with Hanalei so I could have the breaks I needed. Would you believe, they helped me and it was great for both of us.

6. Create Boundaries

Your time is your most precious commodity, it is an un-renewable resource. We need to spend it wisely and consciously. When you have poor boundaries, it cuts into your time.

If you could design your own life, how would you spend it in an ideal situation? Take notes on this so you can put these things into practice later on.


Start with the most important things to you. How do you want to feel? That is an important question to answer before you move forward.

From there, you should can figure out what is the most important things you should put your time into. This will help you to create boundaries.

7. Shut Out the Noise

When you are feeling overwhelmed, it is a good idea to shut out the excess noise. If you are used to running the television in the background or music, consider turning it off.

Instead of stimulating yourself with television or computer, read something that expands your mind. Or you could close your eyes for 30 minutes of thinking and meditation. Even engaging in a meaningful project can help you to fight overwhelm.

8. Establish a Bedtime Routine

Sleeping is vital to a healthy body and mind. Not only that, the state in which you go to sleep is most often the state in which you wake up. Doing things that will help to declutter your mind and make it quiet is very important.

If you go to bed wired and thinking about all you have to do, you’ll start the day flustered. Settle yourself down before you get in bed and stop thinking about your to do list.

Instead of drifting off to sleeping with your chores on your mind, think about your favorite part of the day. Recall something you enjoyed doing and dwell on that. It will give you a better start to your morning.

With these 8 steps, you should be able to feel more at peace and less overwhelmed. I hope you will join me for the last part to this series where I talk about crushing marketing overwhelm.