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Attraction Marketing is the Best Marketing Strategy [Freedom-Marketing]

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What is the Best Marketing Strategy

Is It time to adjust your sails?

When I scroll through Facebook sometimes I cringe when I see one of those cheesy, oversalesy posts saying “Hey want to know how I make all this money online”? ” Or Hey check out my business its the best thing since sliced bread”, or buy my stuff…it’s awesome.


Today I am sharing my best practices for attracting the “right” customer to your blog, business or video’s using Attraction Marketing or what I am now going to coin it “Freedom-Marketing”.

This is the most important part of running any business…Marketing. I wouldn’t be successful if it wasn’t for sales.

Of course, I have to have a marketing plan in order to accomplish my sales goals. One thing you should know about me though, I’m not a sales person…at least not in the slimey car salesmen way.

You know the kind of salesperson I’m talking about. They stalk you to death trying at first to subtly push their product on you. When you resist, they come on harder.

That is not type of marketing that I am about. Instead, Brian and I go with an attraction marketing plan.

What is Attraction Marketing?What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing focuses on building a connection with the consumer. People are attracted to brands that they connect with. If a consumer identifies with the company that is selling, they will be more likely to buy the products being sold.

This concept is pretty simple, sell yourself, not your product. People buy from people. Not only will consumers want what you are selling, they will also promote you without you even having to ask.

When others hear about your services because a friend referred them, they will be sold without you having to do anything. Word of mouth has always been helpful to businesses.

This type of marketing strategy starts by building your personal brand.

What is a Personal Brand?

Before I go any further, I want to go over what a personal brand is. We have seen a hard shift in what large companies are doing for their branding. Instead of pushing their logo, they are telling a story.

Storytelling draws people into your area of influence. Think about it like this…a teacher sits down in the corner of the room and starts reading a story to a child. Not long, other kids will hear the story and become intrigued.

The story group continues to grow because the teacher has captured the attention of others. It is a snowball effect when it comes to storytelling. You get one person to pay attention, and then another person, and pretty soon, your group has grown all on its own.

For personal branding, telling your story is what will bring people into your circle. As your following grows, it will continue to grow because others will want to know why so many are circled around you.

A Look Into What We Do to Build Our Personal Brand

We have done a lot of things over the years to develop a personal brand that works for us. Sure, we have had our share of things that worked and things that didn’t. However, from the start of our journey, there are a few things that we have done to build our brand.

Be Transparent With the World

It is very important for you to be transparent, especially if you have an online business. There are so many scammers out there that are just trying to get your money. They make a lot of promises and don’t deliver.

Consumers that have been burned are weary about trusting people they have never met in person. Being transparent is essential.

What Does it Look Like to Be Transparent?

This part of the process can be really difficult for any of us. Even the most confident person in the world has a hard time being open and honest with others.

So many times, we are worried about offending others. Maybe we even worry that people will not like us if we tell them who we really are.

Brian and I have found the opposite to be true. People crave people that they can connect with.

Make it About the Consumer, Not You

There is a time and place where you need to make your campaign about you and who you are. However, if all you ever do is talk about how amazing you are, then people will get tired of you.

One of the keys to attraction marketing is to give away helpful and useful information. This makes you an authority in your area of expertise. When someone has directly benefited from your content, they will trust you.

That does not mean that a person can’t get to know you while learning from you. Giving away your knowledge in your area of expertise

How do You Make it About Them?

It is imperative that you meet the needs of your followers. People will be attracted to you because of your personal brand. The key is getting them to stick around.

In order to do that, you must add value to their lives. For each business out there, that will look different. You need to put together valuable content that will benefit your target market.

Engage With the Consumer

Engagement…engagement…engagement! I feel like that is a major buzzword these days. However, I don’t think everyone really understands what it means. If they do understand what it means, they don’t feel like putting in the time and efforts to make it happen.

How do Many Large Companies Engage Their Audience?

What do I mean by this? Well, engagement takes time and energy. Also, you can spend a lot of time engaging your audience without making a dime. That is why so many big companies don’t do this well.

A large company sets up a facebook page or other social media outlet pages. Sure, they make a post to engage the community. However, there is no personal connection. I’m sure you’ve seen customers ask questions on a large company’s social media page and they receive no response.

How Can I do it Better Than Others?

This is one of those times in which you can really shine in building your personal brand along with add to your attraction marketing campaign.

Engaging is more than just making a fun post on your social media outlet. It goes much beyond that.

How Has Attraction Marketing Changed the Consumer’s Expectations

People have grown accustom to googling whatever information they need. If they want a new recipe for dinner, they google it. If they need an idea of how to decorate their new home, they check out Pinterest. Why is all of this information out there for free? Because of attraction marketing.

You see, marketing strategies used to rely on giving people just enough information to bring them in. Then when they had the consumer hooked, they would sell the most valuable portions of their services or products.

This technique is no longer working, because most people can find the information they need without paying for it. Since the market has changed, businesses that want to be successful must also change.

If you pull in a consumer and do not add enough value to their lives, they will walk away and go find someone else. However, by meeting people’s needs without strings attached, people will stick with you.

How to Nail Attraction Marketing

Here is where we get into the good stuff….nailing this thing we call attraction marketing. So, you have the idea that building a personal brand is the starting point of this process, but where do you go from there?

I have already talked about this earlier, building your personal story. One of the biggest things about building a personal brand is understanding that you have a story to tell, and sharing it with the world. This is the story of how you got where you are today. It also goes beyond that, because your story isn’t finished.

You know the amazing thing about storytelling? Is that it is ever changing. The story you have today will not be the same one you have in five years. If it is, then you are doing something wrong. Am I right?

Developing Your Personal Story

It is very important that you take the time to workout your personal story. This is more than just a five minute…”Here is what I’m all about”. I’m talking about a living, breathing, up to date story of your life.

First, you have to start with identifying your passions. What makes you tick? Why are you doing what you are doing in your life?

Maybe you will answer these questions and be unsatisfied with the answers. Maybe your passions do not even match your what you are doing with your life. If that is the case, then you might need to stop for a minute and figure out what you would be better suited to.

Sharing Your Story With the World

It is not enough to have your passions written down on paper. It is a start, but it shouldn’t stop there. Passions are meant to be lived out and there be a clear cut visible expression of what you find to be valuable.

People that enjoy their lives and are passionate about what they do, attract other people. Do you see where I am going with this when it comes to attraction marketing?

It goes something like this…

You get stoked about your passion and your life reflects what is important to you. As you share your story with the world with excitement, one or two start to pay attention.

That thing you have…you see, they want it. They want to know how you got it and they are all ears.

When this happens, you can know that you have developed a personal brand that will attract others to you. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, when you have people that believe in you and what you are doing, then your products and services will sell themselves.

If you are ready to take the next step when it comes to attraction marketing, please feel free to download our free book:

Attraction Marketing Strategy

Attraction Marketing The Unstoppable Way

How Do I Get My Story Out There?

Now that you understand the process of developing your personal brand and telling your story, the question is, how do you get it out there? That is where many people miss the mark. They have these amazing stories to tell, but haven’t figured out how to get it in front of the right people.

That is where building the right ads will get your name and face out to the right people. Take Facebook for example; they know more about us than we know about ourselves almost.

Everything you share on Facebook is tracked as well as your purchase, ad clicks, interests, friends, and so on. They have done most of the work for you. Facebook ads, when done right, can put your story in front of people that want to hear it.

How Do I Know Who to Target?

This is another bit of research that you will have to take into consideration. You must identify your target market. Often times, we target people that are like us. That is not a bad place to start.

Identifying who you are trying to reach is essential in attraction marketing. The way you brand yourself has everything to do with reaching people in your demographic.

If you have chosen to target people that have the same interests as you, or in the same age bracket or workplace, then you have something to go off of.

Building the right ad campaigns will accelerate your success. When the right people hear your story, the will be hooked.

Attraction marketing, in my opinion, is the most effective form of marketing. The reason I love it so much is that I get to be me. I don’t have to try and shove myself into whatever mold the world has for me.

Attraction marketing means that you will stand out and that is exactly what I’ve chosen to do.

I would like to invite you to join me on for our next LIVE workshop I have ever done sharing with you the value of Attraction Marketing and how to leave your salesy pitches at the door.





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