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Beginning Stages of Business Part 1

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Are you just starting out on your business? Maybe you’ve been going at it for a while, but wish you could pick up the pace a bit.

One thing to keep in mind is that before you can walk, you must crawl. This saying can be applied to anything in life. Building your own business means there is no guarantee of success. You put yourself out there and hope that the concepts catch on.

I like to think of stages of business to that of the stages of a butterfly. Check out my video where I explain to you the different stages.

The Beginning Stages Of Business


While it isn’t easy to start your own business, it is completely achievable. One thing that will really help you is to resign yourself to the limitations that building a new business present.

Understand that you will have to go through each phase before you can become a butterfly. If you bypass any stages, then you won’t be able to put together the amazing business you are on track to create.

Starting Out As An Egg

Just like the egg stages of a caterpillar, the idea must take time to form and develop before it can be born.

Even after the idea is born, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to run full steam ahead. You must go through each stage in order to become a beautiful butterfly.

Think of the egg stage as the planning stage. Here are some things you need to consider about this stage:

  • Make preparations of what you need to have in order to survive this stage.
  • I suggest you put aside 6 months of living expenses into your savings account to survive no paycheck.
  • Grab all the resources around you and keep looking for more along the way.

This is a fragile stage in your business. Many people set out and never make it past being an egg.

Becoming A Larva

Even once the egg hatches, the butterfly does not emerge. It has to be a caterpillar for a while. This is the crawling stage that must take place before you can fly.

Once you get your business past the gestation period, you are ready for birth. After the larva comes out, it has a huge appetite and eats everything in its path.

Opportunities don't happen, you create them.

At this stage in your business, you should seize the opportunities that come your way. You will be ready for bigger projects, more clients, and ultimately, larger payoffs.

Many people get scared during this phase, because they aren’t quite set up to handle the larger workload, even though it is coming their way. It’s ok if you aren’t ready for it all yet, because as you go through the growth spurts, you will be able to conform to handle it.

Here are the things you can expect to happen during this stage.

  • Feed on the business that can help you grow the most.
  • Don’t be afraid to stay hungry and search out ways to satisfy your appetite.
  • Understand that with growth, means that you will need to shed your skin like a caterpillar does. Be prepared for the staggered growth that comes with this stage.
  • Be prepared for the period of time where you are working towards the finish line, but aren’t there yet.

Ultimately, don’t be afraid to grow. Embrace this period with excitement and determination.


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