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Facebook changing too much?

It seems like every week now there’s a new scandal that forces Zuckerberg to make big changes under the hood of the ad platform.

Pretty soon the site we’ve all come to know and love, will never be the same.

During times of uncertainty, we’ve got to be honest with ourselves about what’s going on.

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and the only way to survive the sweeping changes, is to adapt & evolve.

Today, I’m going to talk about both of these strategies, but the main focus of this post is to get you to start thinking about the future of your business.

In other words…


How to Build Your Online Empire Outside of Facebook…


But first, we’ve got to ask a question that nobody wants to tackle…

Should you abandon facebook altogether and start fresh on a new platform?

The short answer, in my opinion, is no.

You still have DIRECT ACCESS to almost any segment of your market, which compared to the old days marketing is insane!

There’s never been another time in history that small business owners, and corporate giants alike, compete for business on an equal playing field.

So rather than letting all the the hard work of building your fanpage, group, or personal account go to waste, the name of the game should be to adaptation, and continuing to move people through your sales funnel.

The good news is, competitors who can’t quite figure out how to adapt their business to new rules, while keeping up with trends and consumer demands alike, won’t be able to survive.

This is bad news for the competition, but awesome news for your brand, IF you’re willing to do what it takes to win (so long as it’s within the parameters set forth by Zuckerberg and his team).

As far as advertising goes, there’s still tons of opportunities to promote your funnels and sell products directly to your targeted audience.

Besides timeline ads, messenger marketing is growing like crazy, and producing amazing results for both beginners and pros alike.

Which raises another logical question…

If Marketers Are Still Winning On Facebook, Why Try Another Platform?


With so many critical features being removed from the ad manager, increased government oversight, and frequent security breaches, the most recent incident being user passwords exposed online, it’s worth taking a look at your options to protect your business.

The biggest advantage you have today, is the ability to “duplicate” yourself on multiple sites.

In this sense, your brand is following the “franchise” model, but instead of being controlled and operated by another person, you maintain ownership of all digital “locations”.

By now, you should see the importance of diversifying efforts across different social media sites, which ones should you focus on?

This depends entirely on your where your customers are most likely to be, and the personal needs of you, the business owner.

Start by asking yourself what direction do YOU want to go in…

Once decided, the platforms of focus should be between Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Solidifying yourself on one, or all of these sites will without a doubt…

Reveal a New Supply Of Fans & Customers For Your Personal Brand.


Why Instagram?

Because it’s much easier to reach your audience here, and when done right, the engagement between followers and posts can be extremely high.

You can also gain a large following rather quickly, and monetize your profile much quicker… if you know what you’re doing.  😉

Why YouTube?

Because video still reigns supreme, and you can literally launch your vlog and reach millions of people like a syndicated TV show!

Going viral may be very difficult to do, but with the right growth strategies, you can build a large audience, and connect with fans on a very deep emotional level.

When people see you regularly through video, they tend to develop this subconscious bond with you, through watching your content.  

Whether you do daily vlogs, or simple talking head videos, YouTube is definitely worth looking into.

At the very least, you should be uploading your old videos to serve as entry points into your business ecosystem.

As long as the content isn’t too “dated”, everything should be fine.

Just think about it like reruns of older TV shows or movies… people can still benefit from watching them.

Why LinkedIn?

If you’re a professional, and want to expand your industry connections, then this is the PERFECT place for you.

Here is where you get to interact one-on-one with the movers, shakers, and decision makers of the world!

Everyone from mid-level managers, to CEO’s, and entrepreneurs alike, if your business depends on dealing with other businesses, building a presence here should be done ASAP!

But what if all of these sites stopped working at once?

What would you be doing (or should be doing) to continue making a living online?

I’ll give you a hint… It’s called EMAIL!

No matter where your following lives, the most important element to have in ANY business, is an email list.

Because no matter what changes take place on someone else’s site, a list full of highly-targeted, piping-hot leads is worth its weight in GOLD…

As long as you nurture the list with good content, and great offers that actually solve their problems, your brand will thrive in any political climate, or economic state.

That’s why myself, as well as my clients, have been able to scale to multiple 7-figures and beyond, despite all the unexpected changes and incidents that have taken place.

Every communication we have, on every profile, ultimately leads people to do one thing… joining our lists, and entering our sales funnel.

Once they sign-up, we have their permission to take the relationship a step further by offering paid solutions to their most pressing issues.

While everyone else loses their minds over facebook changes, or when the site goes down for a few hours, our focus always has, and always will be, to OWN our traffic.

That’s the real “secret” to internet marketing success.

So, still thinking about leaving FB for good?

Again, facebook is still a phenomenal social media site, and should be a viable source of customers for years to come.

It’s also worth noting that all the major social sites have been negatively affected by socio-political changes over the last decade as well.

YouTube has received major push-back from content creators and vloggers for changes they made to the platform.

And who could forget about the infamous Google Panda & Penguin algorithm changes?

That alone brought entire companies to their knees overnight.

Imagine your business relied 100% on organic searches for years, then one day, Google presses a button, and BOOM!

…ALL of your traffic dries up, and the sales you normally get every month comes to a screeching halt.

Sounds crazy right? Well this actually happened.

A lot of entrepreneurs and corporations alike took major losses, and many of them never recovered.

But the few that managed to made it out alive, did so by going back to the basics.

In other words, the either built, or fell back on their email list to continue making sales!


Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and as always…







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