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Deep Secrets Of Being An Influencer

//Deep Secrets Of Being An Influencer
Do what you love, the money will follow.

When you first start pursuing a career that really lights you up, it’s super exciting and fulfilling. You can spend hours being lost in the flow of creating and working on something and it feels fun, it feels right!


In an episode of Help Me Rhonda Show, I had the chance to interview Kenzo Kiren. He’s a Content creator, Storyteller, Scuba diver, and a Videographer. He is also a part of High On Life which seeks to inspire, educate, and elevate peoples’ perspectives of the world through positivity and storytelling.


He is one of the many brave people that took advantage of the social media platform and established a name as an Influencer by doing what he loves to do then eventually make money out of it.


It’s definitely not impossible to get paid for doing what you love.


But the real question is….HOW?


Well, discover it from Kenzo himself!



From Passion To Profit: Make Money While Doing What You Love


“Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.”


Can people really make money doing what they love?
Some people say, “Absolutely!” Why do you have to settle for either—passion or profit—when you could go for both?


Is that not your dream—to make money doing what you love? There’s nothing better than pursuing what you enjoy, and then being able to make a living from that thing—that’s the ultimate goal!


But why doesn’t it work out that way?


Reality sets in and we take jobs just because they help us pay the bills and support ourselves but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pursue your own creative passions.


High On Life

Being “high on life”, means something like the feeling that you get when you live life to its fullest, being happy, filled with excitement, joyful, in touch with the beauty of your surroundings, etc.


A rare feeling. This is the feeling you get when you realize how amazing your life is. It could be achieved in many different ways depending on who you are.

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