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The Difference Between Sales and Marketing

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It’s a common misconception that the act of SELLING and the art of MARKETING are the same thing. Ask someone what they do, and if they tell you “marketing”, most think….”oh, he’s a salesman”. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The Difference Between Sales and Marketing

See, the difference between sales & marketing, is that when the marketing is done right, the sales part takes care of itself. How so? Because very little is actually required if your PROCESS is dialed in. This is even more apparent in luxury markets.

Food for thought:

Do you think Ferrari or Ford sales people work harder? Seriously, give this some thought. If you can sell 1 Ferrari a day, or 20 Fords in the same time to hit your “quota”, which would you chose? See, that’s the thinking behind Freedom-Preneur Kick Starter Kit. How can we help you get the most results, and take all the “drudge” work away from you.

This is where the 3 components of Freedom-Preneur Academy come into play:

Part 1: Using a Proven System

The Freedom -Preneur Academy has been PROVEN to work… and is still growing.

As of today, our company has paid out over $100k in the last 6 months to people like you in over 38 countries around the world.

Part 2: Real People.

I’m not some “fly by night” advertiser. We run a real company with products that deliver substantial value to the marketplace.

With a staff of freedom-preneur coaches in 3 different countries and events around the world…we’re ready to support you.

Part 3: Your ability to earn “High Ticket Sales”

Something else? You get our “die-hard” commitment to providing more and more value as time goes on. Now the only thing left to do?Experience this for yourself.

We wrote the book on this…literally wrote the book. See for yourself-

Thriving in a Digital Economy 

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