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All throughout life I’ve heard either one of two phrases being tossed around like a boomerang…

“Use your head”, or “Follow your heart”.

Both can be very powerful statements when told to the right person, at the right time.

However, since the two statements are basically polar opposites, most of us will end up choosing one or the other as the absolute guiding light in our lives.

But no one really takes the time out to tell you that both of them represent only one side of the same coin.

Humans are both logical and emotional creatures, so we really need the heart and the head to make sound decisions.

So today’s post is all about understanding each side of ourselves, and how to find the perfect middle ground so we can evolve as a HUMAN FAMILY…

And of course prosper with your personal brand. 😉

So the next time you find yourself on the fence about what to do in life or in business, remember to…


Put your head in the driver’s seat, and let your heart be the GPS.



This may sound like a crazy phrase that makes zero sense, but hear me out…

Your body is like a car, and to get from point A (the starting point/where you are now) to point B (the end point/the realization of you dreams), you need a destination, and a proper sense of direction.

Before I go too far off the deep end, what I’m trying to say is to always follow your passions, but use your practical, logical mind to provide the roadmap to get you to where you want to be.  

Allowing your more logical, left-brain to chart the course will save you from making costly decisions that could negatively affect your life and business.

But long as your core values remain in tact, and your heart’s desire has the final say, even if you veer of course you can eventually find your way back to down the right path.

Why is this so important?

If you don’t pay close attention to what’s going on around you, you could easily end up doing things that knock you completely off-path.

You might even find yourself doing something that makes PERFECT logical sense, but once the decision is made, there could be consequences in the form of missed opportunities, or wasted energy…

For example, if I had an ad campaign that’s performing well, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to scale up and increase sales… right?

As good of an idea as that sounds, if my heart is pulling me in a different direction, there’s a pretty good chance that even if the current campaign does great, I might miss out on an even greater opportunity.

Just because something makes great financial sense doesn’t mean it makes sense overall.

What if something that could make you a lot of money, takes you away from your family for long periods of time, or possibly put your health in jeopardy?

Will the logical side of things make sense?

These are the questions you have to ask yourself when evaluating certain opportunities.

On the other hand…


Having passion is priceless, but logic will turn a profit.


Some of the most successful ventures that have ever taken place have been driven by the passion of a small few individuals.

Not just in business, but entire industries dating back to the early 1900’s were built from the desperate need for advancement, 

In other words, without passion, there is no innovation, but intense desire alone is not enough to make changes in your life.

Sure, it will give you a huge boost in the right direction, and help draw other people to your vision, but make no mistake… you’re going to need to type of process to get you to the finish line.

Think about it as if you were a salesperson at a car dealership or call center…

Being passionate about the products being offered might get you a few sales here and there, because when a person sees how confident you are about what’s being sold, your enthusiasm might push them over the edge.

Although you may have convinced them to buy based on your energy and enthusiasm alone, you better hope like hell they get the full benefits from the product. 

Because if they don’t, buyer’s remorse will set in quick, causing you to be viewed as the enemy. 

And depending on the nature of your business, it could affect your pockets through a return or chargeback.

But when you’re able to use sound logic in conjunction with a heartfelt, relatable message, you give people reasons to buy that satisfy multiple psychological needs.

Too much emotion can make people feel like your offer is “too good to be true”, while at the same time, only using logic in your messaging will seem cold, dry, and lifeless.

Just remember that the main focus of this entire post is BALANCE.

When you fully understand this concept, it will be much easier to…

Develop the inner strength it takes to reach the finish line.



While on the path to greatness, it’s inevitable, you’re going to run into some bumps in the road… maybe even a few potholes, downed power-lines, and complete traffic jams as well.

Just in case you don’t understand my roadway analogy, I’m simply saying that while you’re on your way to accomplishing your goals, you’re going to have a few setbacks from time to time.

Some more frequent than others, some will be more serious, forcing you to drop everything and take immediate action to get things resolved.

But no matter what happens, you’ve got to pick yourself up and keep going.

You see, this is where things will start to get a bit tricky…

On one hand, you’re allowing yourself to be guided by your heart, and following the not always well maintained road to greatness.

But on the other hand, eventually your logical side will kick in and start to ask questions in the background…

”Will this really work?”, “Am I doing the right thing?”, “Maybe I should just give up and stick to my day job.”

Although this can be uncomfortable feeling, you’ve got to allow it to run its course.

I’m all about doing what you love and building a business that allows you to profit from your passion, but in order to live the lifestyle of your dreams, it’s going to take a bit more than just dreaming…

You’re going to need some strategy to get where you want to be.

Allowing your logical, left-brain have a say in the decision making process can actually help bring some structure to your goals, and help you reach them MUCH FASTER than you normally would.

And if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know how I feel about structure… (it actually provides the freedom you’re so desperately searching for!)


Be careful of the opinions of others… especially non-business or creative minded people.


It seems like no matter what you try to accomplish, someone who has literally no knowledge, experience, or frame of reference, is more than willing to give their advice on your life. 

Some people mean well when they try to “warn” you about starting an online business, but it’s usually because of their lack of understanding, and extremely limited world views.

The only time I would remotely listen or take the advice of someone outside of marketing or personal development, is if that person or group is my ideal client, or somehow related to them.

At least this way you’re not taking random advice from a person who has little to no frame of reference when it comes to your products.

Listening to the right people will also help you make better decisions that will ultimately affect your bottom line.

For instance, keeping your finger on the pulse of opinions in your market will allow you to know what customers like, dislike, allowing you to improve the way you develop products, and increase your sales if done right.

Paying attention to veterans in your niche can also provide valuable insight, especially if they’ve been around for awhile.

Every market has various cycles to them, meaning over time, trends tend to repeat themselves with only slight variations or changes to what happened the last time appeared in the market.

So if an old school guy/gal has “seen it before”, it may be worth listening to them on how to best approach the situation.

At the same time, you have to be wary of certain veterans, because their past may negatively affect how they see the present moment in time.

He/she could have a negative bias that causes them to knowing or unknowingly give bad advice when it comes to something they’ve experienced in the past.

Overall, just make sure you use your own good judgement before making any serious business decision.

Getting advice from others is great, just be mindful of who’s giving it to you. 

Hopefully after reading this post you have a greater understanding of the importance of using all aspects of yourself instead of relying on just one.

Just know you are a unique individual with so much to offer the world, and you owe it to yourself to go after what you truly desire.

No matter how “crazy”, “weird”, or “impossible” it sounds to someone else.


Thanks for reading, you’re absolutely amazing…

And despite all the odds that may be stacked against you,








Rhonda Swan • FOUNDER & CEO • Unstoppable Branding Agency & Sexy Brand Building Formula Programs
Ridiculously dedicated to inspiring Mother’s, Family’s, & Individuals to go after their dreams. Rhonda left her corporate JOB 11 years ago so she could raise her daughter and never put her in daycare. Today, she travels full time with her Unstoppable Family, and speaks on stages to inspire others to go after what they want out of life. Rhonda’s signature program is the Sexy Brand Building Formula – where she teaches others to transform their ideas into sexy profit making machines. Learn More:



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