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How to Get More Eyeballs On Your Content

//How to Get More Eyeballs On Your Content

Do you wish to get more eyeballs on your Facebook posts or to improve your Facebook news feed exposure? It’s a challenge every marketer confronts. Social media platforms are the best ways to interact with your audience.

Unfortunately, many people struggle to have their content seen. There are so many posts on FB that they can’t possibly show everything. That’s why you have to be strategic with what you share.


Do you wish to get more EYEballs on your Facebook posts or to improve your Facebook news feed exposure? The more likes, comments, and shares you have on your page posts, the more likely your Facebook content will be seen. Here are 8 UNSTOPPABLE ways to increase your exposure and how to get more eyeballs on your post! #1: Create Shareable Content#2: Include a Call to Action#3: Mix Up Content Types#4: Use Facebook Live Regularly#5: Use Captions In Video When Available#6: Change Your Posting Time To Find When Your Audience Interacts#7: Monitor Other Facebook Pages#8: Drive Traffic From Other SourcesLike, Love Share! and always #BEUNSTOPPABLE!~ If you love this video you'll really love my Academy! HERE's A 7 Day FREE TRIAL On Me Http://… Inge Hart Filmed by the Great Denis Gapone

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The more likes, comments, and shares you have on your page posts, the more likely your Facebook content will be seen. But it’s a bit of a vicious cycle isn’t?

Here’s what we have learned are the three main factors that Facebook is using for their algorithms.

The Three Main Factors Facebook Uses to Determine Visibility


Affinity is the relationship to the people that are in your group. Facebook wants to know if you are interacting with them. This goes far beyond simple likes. They want to see you in conversation with your audience.

Are you interacting with people when they comment on your posts? Do you ask them to share their thoughts to start the conversation?

When Facebook realizes that your audience is really engaging with you, they will show your posts to them.



Weight is what Facebook puts on the type of posts that you share. Typically speaking, you are going to share one of 3 types of things in your post- links, video, or images.

Each of these types of shares is assigned a certain weight. If we were giving it a number system in order of highest ranking, it would go like this-

  • Video
  • Photo
  • Link

Take these things into consideration when you are posting. Facebook is going to reward you more for using Facebook lives, and videos, then they will with the photos and links. That doesn’t mean to not use those other forms of media, but it is important that you are using video.


Time consists of two things- relevance and recency. How relevant is the content to your reader? And, how recent has the post been interacted with?

One of the ways we increase the recency for our posts, is to go back and like or comment on our memories. As you see memories come up, then you need to comment on it. It re-engages those posts. Another thing to do when you create posts, you should tag your page. Then, when it comes up as a memory, it helps your page as well as your personal account.

The goal from Facebook is that they are creating a more direct conversation with your customers. This is to your benefit. Even though you might be discouraged that your posts aren’t being shown to as many people, it is ultimately a positive thing for us as marketers.

What you need to focus on is being more engaging. So how do you do that?

Here’s my 8 tips social media do’s and dont’s.

1. The Wheel

Tricks & Tips of Social Media Marketing

The tricks, tips…the do's and the don'ts of online and social media marketing!#HelpMeRhondaI will be coming each day with a new Tip, Trick, Do & Don't for Online Business Building.What Tips Do you have? Share Below! #Beunstoppable! #UnstoppableMommaBusinessRhonda Renee Swan

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I use a system called the Wheel whenever I create content. It usually starts with a video. Once I am done, I will turn it into a blog post, an email newsletter, or share it on other social media accounts. This process gets what I have to say in front of my audience.  

Create Shareable Content

Start paying attention to what your friends are sharing. A study was done to see what men and women share most on Facebook. Here’s a look at the results.

As you can see, men and women are both likely to share funny videos. Videos is certainly one of the most shareable forms of content. That’s why we put so much emphasis on this form of information.

2. Tagging and Linking

Tricks & Tips Series #2 – Tagging & Linking

Tricks & Tips, Do's & Don'ts #2 – Tagging & LinkingDON'T: P.ISS off a leader's in your industry by tagging them with linksDON'T: Over postDO: Post DailyDO: Be RealSee you tomorrow for #3 Value, Value Value….and always #BEUNSTOPPABLE!Rhonda Renee Swan

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As a new marketer, I know you get excited about the things you have to share. The problem is when you start tagging others in your posts. This is particularly a problem when you are tagging other marketers. When you put a link in a post and then tag others, it is called high-jacking someone’s list.

Create a Call to Action

A call to action is where you tell your audience what to do next. This should be very clear and direct. At the end of every blog post, social media status update, or video, you need a call to action.

Your call to action can be a-

  • Link to a blog post
  • Free downloadable book or printable
  • Newsletter signup
  • Invite to a webinar or live video

Whether you are talking to your audience in a video, posting something on your blog, or on social media, you always need to direct them to the next step they need to take. Don’t leave them hanging.

I want to make a suggestion that if you are writing a blog post, that your call to action come in the form of a graphic. Create a sexy image that has the call to action on it. Then, you can embed the link to your sales funnel within the image.

3. Value Value Value

[Help Me Rhonda LIVE] VALUE!

The Trick's, Tips, Do's & The Don'ts #3 – VALUE, VALUE, VALUE! DO- Create Your First Value Based, Lead MagnetDon't – Sell Without Giving Value First!DO- Teach Your AudienceDon't- Be Selfish w/ Your KnowledgeSee you on the next video where I talk about: Engagement#HelpMeRhonda

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Many of my clients come into my Sexy Brand Building Program without their own products or courses. They feel they have no value to share with their audience. I don’t believe this is true.

Here’s what you can do to share value with your audience-

  • Share your personal story- you own this, and it is the thing that will draw others in.
  • Develop a lead magnet- a lead magnet is a freebie/giveaway that you provide for your audience in exchange of their email address. This can be as simple as a video, checklist, or 5-page ebook.
  • Speak to what you know- there’s always someone that needs the information that you have. Don’t think that your knowledge is too basic. Talk about the things that you already know.

Mix Up Content Types

To grow your organic reach, you should be mixing up what you are sharing on your page. Share a mixture of-

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Links

It is best to always use a graphic if possible when doing a Facebook post. If you share a link, it should pull up the thumbnail of the featured image on your blog. Videos are set to automatically play.

If you are writing just a status update, then you should attach a high quality image to it. People are going to engage more with visuals. This is why Facebook has a feature that allows you to add a colored background to short status updates. They want what’s best for their users, and they know what their users like.

4. Reply Back to People

Tricks, Tips, Do's & Don'ts of Online and Social Media Marketing

Tricks, Tips, Do's & Don'ts of Online and Social Media Marketing #4 – ENGAGEMENTDo: Learn when the best time to post on FB is?Don't: Forget to @ reply to your commentsDo: Ask Questions To Get EngagementDon't: Guess What's Working..Use FB Karma.I hope this series is serving you well…stay tuned for the last tip of the week….You will really be SHOCKED at this one.

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Like I said earlier, Facebook uses affinity as one of the ways they determine who to show your posts to. You need to be replying to those that comment on your posts. Here’s a trick though, instead of replying directly back to the person using the reply button, you should be replying in the comments.

In order for the person to see that you have replied to them, tag their name in the comment section. This is going to give you higher reach than hitting the reply button.

Change Your Posting Time To When Your Audience Interacts

Learn your audience and figure out when they are going able to interact most. If you go live or post something in the middle of the night, they likely won’t be able to engage. Figure out what time of the day works best for your audience.

Here’s a guide that you can use to start. All times should be based on Eastern Standard time if you have a global audience. If you are a local based business, then stick with your time zone.

Of course, you are going to want to try it out and see what works best for you.


Best times of the day to post on Facebook


Best times of the day to post on Pinterest


Best times of the day to post on Instagram


Best times of the day to post on Twitter

5. Sell the Destination

Tricks, Tips, Do's & Don'ts

Tricks, Tips, Do's & Don'ts of Online and Social Media Marketing #5 – SELL YOU!

Publié par Unstoppable Momma – Rhonda Swan sur mardi 3 octobre 2017

People can see through salesy tactics so easily. Unfortunately, many marketers are still using these tactics. They focus all of their attention on the price of the service or product.

Instead of glorifying what you are trying to sell, talk about the desired outcome. This is where storybranding comes in. If you notice, even big companies are doing this. Nike will show commercials of people running races and being active. You barely see their shoes in the commercial.

If you want to get more people viewing your content, you have to create content that is relevant to them. Focus on the destination, not the plane.  

6. Use Facebook Live Regularly

Right now, the algorithms are giving Facebook lives greater preference than even pre-recorded videos. I know it can be nerve-racking to go live on your page, but this is one of your greatest ways to get more eyeballs on your content.

To get the most engagement from your lives, you should schedule your lives to happen at the same time each week. Choose a schedule that works for you and let your followers know when to join you. If you surprise them with a live, they may not show up.

Be Live

BeLive allows you to host an interview

My favorite tool for lives is the platform BeLive. I use BeLive when I host my weekly Help Me Rhonda show, because of the functionalities. With this platform, you can-

  • Interview- I love to bring on experts in their industry to bring more value to my audience. With this platform, I can do a split screen that shows me and my interviewee on the other side.
  • Featured comments- As my audience leaves comments, they will scroll at the bottom of my video. This encourages more engagement, because people want to see their name pop up while I’m talking. It also makes it easier for me to see what people are sharing.
  • Screenshare- During my weekly show, I can do a screenshare with my tribe. Powerpoints are very effective, and helps people to see exactly what you are talking about.

These are some of my favorite features of using that platform. They offer a basic free account, but you can also sign up for a plan if you want greater functionality.

Use Captions In Video When Available

How often do you scroll past a video and watch it without the sound? Your users are doing the same thing. Captions have many benefits, such as, capturing your audience’s attention. People will often stop to read what you are saying, even if they are not willing to cut the sound on.

Facebook Help has a great article that will show you how to add captions to your video. Use those instructions when you are uploading videos for ads or status updates.

7. Monitor Other Facebook Pages

Check out what other big brands in your industry are doing. Not sure who those people are? Then you can see who Facebook recommends to you. They will show you other pages you should watch and give you suggestions.

Here’s a few of the pages they will show you on your insights tab. Scroll to the bottom.

watch other Facebook pages in your industry for their trends

Click Add Pages and you will see more suggestions come up. You can click those and add them to the list.

Add pages to watch on your Facebook page.

Another way to determine which pages to watch would be to identify someone in you industry that is where you want to be. For me, I love Marie Forleo. She has an incredible brand and I like to model some of what I do off of her.

8. Drive Traffic From Other Sources

There are plenty of ways to drive traffic to your content. On Facebook, you can share your business page posts onto your personal page to gain exposure. You can also join share groups on Facebook that will promote each other’s pages.

Guest posting is another great way to drive traffic to your website. When you post on another person’s blog, you are gaining the ear of their reader also. In your guest post, you will want to embed a few relevant links to your topic so you can get clicks to your site.

If you loved this, you’ll really love my Academy! I go into a great deal of detail on how to do this inside. Want to check it out?

Here’s A 7 day FREE TRIAL on me. Click the image below.



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