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HMRS Interviews 3 Exceptional Women: Jodi Vetterl, Yamilca Rodriguez & Kathi Tait

/, Success in Business/HMRS Interviews 3 Exceptional Women: Jodi Vetterl, Yamilca Rodriguez & Kathi Tait


The trend towards women in leadership positions seems to be on the rise.

Women who are pioneers and leaders in their respective entrepreneurial and professional endeavors, with a distinctive voice and vision that are inspiring and innovating a new narrative of leadership in all walks of life.

And as women, we should aspire to improve ourselves and set an example for others. This means we should aspire to become an EXCEPTIONAL WOMAN.

It’s been my great privilege to be associated with many talented female business founders and they deserve my praise and encouragement.

Today, I honor and pay tribute to these 3 bright women who undertook a significant risk to launch a flourishing enterprise. These exceptional women are changing the world with their gifts and are considered a Sexy Brand.

Jodi Vetterl is a Speaker, Coach, and Author of the book “Beyond the Banks” providing simple-how-to-guide on investing in real estate with ease.

Yamilca Rodriguez is a TEDx Speaker, Brand Strategist and Founder of the Archetype Method. She helps businesses and entrepreneurs develop their unique brand personality and brand strategy with the Archetype Method.

Kathi Tait is one of the women I admire the most because of her courage. What she’s gone through life, conquering self-sabotage and creating the Baldwarrior Movement that helps people take their power back is such a brave and selfless thing to do.

What does it mean to be an Exceptional Woman?


There is an “exceptional” being, buried in every woman, waiting to be explored, challenged, trained, and developed.


  • An exceptional woman is determined to succeed. 

An exceptional woman finds every avenue that will take her there. She learns to understand investing, budgeting, and financial growth. She plans her goals using critical strategies and time management in order to achieve success.


  • An exceptional woman wants to stand out in the presence of others.

She trains her mind, which allows all her experiences in life to drive her in the right direction. She’s also an empowered woman who sees herself as an inspirational woman.


  • An exceptional woman is fearless and unapologetic for being the woman she is.

The exceptional woman, embodies confidence, self-esteem, and positivity. She is the one who makes moves and is not afraid to break down the walls of stereotypes.


  • An exceptional woman focuses on personal growth and development.

She is a strong female of faith who draws her strength from her spiritual growth. She’s actively growing and improving in all areas of life. Actively trying to become a better person on all levels to make life and relationships more productive, fulfilling, and meaningful.


Learn how to be that strong and empowered woman today by developing and improving the qualities you already have, in order to face life head-on!

“Start the process today of understanding that, really, nothing is off-limits for you. You can learn any skill. You can speak to anyone. Everything is within your ability.”

– Rosey Singh

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