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How to Create Content That Builds Your Brand, and Gets The Sales!

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There’s an endless amount of “marketers” online who publish loads of content every week.

We’re talking facebook posts, live videos, tweets, snaps, podcasts, etc.

Although these are great assets to have, without proper direction, all the hard work of creating and publishing new media will be for nothing.

If you look at the top earners in your niche, it may seem like all you have to do is publish something cool, and money will magically fall from the sky, and into your bank account.

But the closer you get to the truth, you realize there’s some very specific elements involved that allows people to generate massive amounts of wealth from all this “free” content.

So, rather than waste time teaching the same old “how to get rich from blogging” stuff, I’ll cut to the chase.

Today’s post is all about…


How to Create Content That Builds Your Brand, and Gets The Sales!


So where do we start?

In a previous post I wrote about researched-backed content marketing strategies for 2019, and detailed everything from getting shares, backlinks, and of course, going viral.

At the end of that article, which is what inspired today’s blog, I talked about having a purpose for your content… In other words, decide what you want each content piece to accomplish, and build your campaigns around it.

It may sound like extra work, and to some, completely unnecessary, but to reach the point where your digital assets start producing real income, you’ve got to look at every broadcast, whether video, audio, or text, as a tool that serves a very specific purpose.

Do you want people to share your posts? Join your email list? Buy your product?

Whatever you choose, should be determined BEFORE you spend hundreds of hours staring at a laptop screen.

This helps with structuring marketing campaigns, and increases your chances for getting an ROI after a launch.

Now that you know how to think about producing content, it’s time to learn what needs to go into all of your content, so you can finally start to profiting from your work.


Always Include These Elements In EVERY Form of Media…



For some reason, humans are hard-wired for stories. So rather than fight against human nature, we should embrace, and use it to build our brands!

Everything from BILLION-dollar movie franchises, on down to Dr.Suess uses the art of storytelling to condense complex ideas and quick lessons alike, into one, digestible package.

Some people use them to get laughs, and others try to induce fear, but no matter what niche you’re in, or what your goals are, always remember this phrase…

“Facts TELL, Stories SELL.”

Calls to action:

No matter how much you want someone to do something, if you rely 100% on hope, or wishful thinking, I can almost guarantee you’ll have a  difficult very difficult career as a digital marketer.

Even if your story perfectly implies the action you want readers/listeners to take, the odds of success will be slim to none.

There’s no way around it, you have to tell people what to do…

No CTA=No opt-in, no shares, and of course, no money.


Links to a relevant offer or related content:

Links and  Calls To Action are closely related, because in our online world, links often ARE the actual CTA.

For example, at the beginning of this article when I mentioned the inspiration for this very post was another I wrote called researched-backed content marketing strategies for 2019.

Weaving the name or the description of another post, can be a subtle way to circulate traffic across web properties.

Remember to use links sparingly throughout content, and always share helpful tips and tricks to get rid of their problems.

Now that you understand how to use links in your well planned out content releases, we need to cover one of the most overlooked areas of marketing…


Being Highly Relevant to Your Audience.

So you’ve got great posts, with awesome images, and really cool videos, but there’s a problem.

…Nothing’s happening!

When this occurs, it’s usually one of three things:

  1. Your CTA link doesn’t work, which is preventing people from joining your list, seeing similar content, or making a purchase.
  2. Your awesome post or video, isn’t as good as you thought it was.
  3. The audience isn’t interested in what you’re sharing.

If your content isn’t relevant to what’s happening in the life and minds of your audience, there’s no chance of ascending the relationship to the next level.

Which in ideal cases, is the “conversion” from a reader, or viewer, to a paying customer.

When a person can fully identify with your message, they’ll begin to want more from you.

The more consistent you are in producing the type of media they enjoy consuming, the more fans will expect to hear from you every week.

Discovering what’s relevant to your fans is something that’s definitely worth knowing, and best understood BEFORE you create ANY digital assets.

Neglect this, and all marketing plans will be rendered useless…

No matter how advanced they are.

So always keep this in mind while you move forward on your journey.

Because once you truly get the hang of this stuff, both you and the customer’s lives will get a lot easier!

Thanks for reading, I hope this article gives you some clarity on the best way to create content, and how to leverage it for the best results possible.

And as always…







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