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Want your website or blog to hit the top of google searches, without having to pay for ads?


Well now’s your chance, because Google has once again updated their algorithms, only this time, they most definitely are going to affect digital marketers like us. But before I get into what you should be doing, let’s talk about why the shift is happening… again. There’s a ton of issues we could get into, most of which would have us here for days on end discussing things that our audience in particular are most likely uninterested in.


Like boring technical manifestos on the ins and outs of search engine optimization (SEO). But in the spirit of simplicity, the reason for another round of sweeping changes is none other than the infamous concept of “fake news”…


That’s right, the big “G” is trying to clean up search results by targeting sites related to HAPPINESS, HEALTH, or WEALTH, also known as the “medic update”. In case you weren’t aware, these are the biggest and most profitable markets online, and they’re now being called YMYL, or “Your Money or Your Life” industries. 


So even if you don’t plan on diving head first into search marketing, it’s definitely something to pay attention to. When it comes to the BIG 3 niches, Google doesn’t want to show pages that share what they deem uneducated advice, opinions, or potentially fraudulent sites. 

Google wants to be absolutely sure that they’re only serving up sites that display a high level of Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness, which is where the term “EAT” comes from.


Are you sick of the jargon already?


Let’s get into how you can take advantage of this brand new algorithm!


Showcase Your Expertise…


The best way to influence people in your market is by showing off your knowledge. I’m not saying to be cocky, or braggadocious, but confidently displaying your skills is waaay better than just telling everybody how good you are.


When you lead by example, at least potential customers get to see firsthand what they might get, should they choose to do business with you. How should you show off without “showing”-off? ….simple. Every time you post, make it educational!


Whether it’s a testimonial, a payment screenshot, or a quick video demonstration, these are all easy ways to promote your personal expertise without looking obnoxious. Just wrap each one of them with your personal touch, and share a link to how others can get similar results. 


If you can pull this off, the next step is to…


Display Authority…


Besides showing your skillset, you’ve got to let people know you’re an authority figureYou can do this by building a reputation for educating people in your field, taking professional headshots, and if possible, being mentioned in related posts or articles from other authority figures. And let’s not forget about getting back-links from certain high page-rank domains. 


Another tactic that you should start doing immediately is displaying your credentials prominently on your site, especially if your business falls into health, wealth, and happiness categories.  Having “author boxes”, with links to author profiles elsewhere online and using author schema markup. 


In a nutshell, it’s structured data that tells Google everything it needs to know about you as an author, making it easier to connect to other authority signals such as author profiles on various authority sites and social media profiles. Other ways to build organic authority is by being interviewed on popular blogs in your market, as well as podcasts.


And last but definitely not least, showing real testimonials from real people you’ve helped or gotten results for is immensely powerfulOftentimes all a person needs to see is someone else enjoying the things they want to experience to give them the push they need to take action.


Social proof, when done right, is literally all it takes to bring a tidal wave of interest, and eventually sales into your checkout page. Now it seems like that tactic has evolved into zero’s and one’s, and now has a permanent place in the search department at google! If you ever needed an excuse to build authority, now’s the perfect time to do so. 


And now, for the last part of our simple equation…


Show Everyone That You Can Be Trusted…


Being a trustworthy person is of the utmost importance when trying to establish your online business.  Now, it’s a contributing factor that helps boost your search rankings.  However at the same time, a lack of trust will now send your rankings down the toilet almost instantly.  Positive reviews on places like Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, Facebook, Google My Business, and others are going to help tremendously.  And if you’re in the US, Canada, or Mexico, you’ll want to start encouraging good reviews on specifically! 



The Better Business Bureau is the go-to source carries a ton of weight for customer sentiment for Google, and was referenced several times in their search evaluators guidelines. But here’s where it gets a bit tricky for us funnel builders… We don’t really use any of those sites (except Facebook) as part of our marketing focus. Unless you’re running a local biz or some other type of physical store, you’re really not going to benefit from this part of E.A.T.


To be honest, if you’re not planning on doing some heavy content marketing, this entire article may be obsolete to you. I personally publish a lot of content, so myself and others like me will be paying close attention to how this all plays out, but for the most part, I’ll be following suit except for the local pages part. The funny thing is, internet marketers seem to be most negatively affected, even though we practice E.A.T. on a daily basis.


Only this time, it’s bots crawling the web looking to rank various sites. We on the other hand tend to just skip to the front of the line with paid ads.  Rarely do digital marketers think twice about our own SEO unless we outsource the job. This stems from our love (and sometimes hate) relationship with advertising platforms.


In closing, if you’re just focusing on launching your course or services with ads, you can pretty much disregard all this algorithm talk. But if at some point you want to get FREE organic traffic from the world’s number one search engine, the time to jump on the bandwagon is NOW while everyone is being forced to make changes.


Do you plan on implementing a new SEO strategy for your business?


Thanks for reading… and remember to…








Rhonda Swan • FOUNDER & CEO • Unstoppable Branding Agency & Sexy Brand Building Formula Programs
Ridiculously dedicated to inspiring Mother’s, Family’s, & Individuals to go after their dreams. Rhonda left her corporate JOB 11 years ago so she could raise her daughter and never put her in daycare. Today, she travels full time with her Unstoppable Family, and speaks on stages to inspire others to go after what they want out of life. Rhonda’s signature program is the Sexy Brand Building Formula – where she teaches others to transform their ideas into sexy profit making machines. Learn More:



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