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How to Handle Objections Like a Boss

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Have you ever scratched your head and wondered how some people can sell just about anything to anybody, while others seem like they were born with a disease that somehow makes everyone they’ve ever reject them… no matter how good they’re offer is?

While some folks are more talented when it comes to sales, anyone can learn this critical, life-changing skill with a bit of practice, and determination.

So rather than glaze over this topic in favor of talking about funnels and various systems or software, the most important thing you could ever learn in or outside the realm of digital marketing, is sales.

But what do you do when someone disagrees or just can’t seem to justify taking action on your offer?

Here are 4 quick, yet very powerful ways to handle and even overcome common objections like a BOSS!

1. Actually listen to what they’re saying.




Besides the obvious reasons, being an active listener allows you to get to the bottom of what people really want.

In other words, using your ears for what they were designed to do will inevitably lead you to the root of your prospect’s reason for the objection.

A lot of times, when your offer or pitch isn’t well received, you’ll get a response like, “let me think about it”, or “it sounds like a good deal, but I need to talk to my wife/husband/partner first”.

All this means is that you didn’t sell them on the idea of owning or using your product or service.

It doesn’t mean what you have to offer isn’t good, or worthy of being bought, it just means that for whatever reason, you weren’t able to tick-off enough of those logical and emotional boxes in the person’s mind that gives them permission to take the leap of faith and give you money.

Now, once you get them talking, and are able to safely navigate to the root cause of the problem, you can start thinking of ways to overcome their objections in a way that helps them get what they want, but ultimately, get exactly what you want out of the deal.  

If one or two days a week you decide to just chill or hang-out in front of the TV rather than do something constructive, that’s pretty normal.

But remember, this in no way means to trick or deceive people, but it does ensure that you both walk away getting EXACTLY what you both wanted.

In other words, you literally create a WIN-WIN situation for the both of you, that makes it a no-brainer to say YES to whatever is being offered.


2. Repeat their objection.


It may seem kinda silly, but this is one of those simple techniques that’s so ridiculously simple, it shouldn’t work… yet it does.

So what’s happening when you repeat their objections back to them?

First and foremost, doing this lets people know that you’re paying attention, and signals to them that their needs are important, and should be taken seriously.

Again, it may sound “stupidly” simple, but there’s nothing more powerful than making people feel important, and that their needs will be met.

Just try it out, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you command their attention.

But understand, once you do this, they’re going to expect an explanation or solution almost immediately after.

So make sure you have your sales game on point, and be ready to handle any other objections that might reveal itself.


3.Stay focused, and keep them on course…


In today’s digital world where things move lightning fast, people’s attention spans are extremely short, and in some cases, they’re almost non-existent.

This means you’ve got to do whatever it takes to keep them focused 100% on you, what you’re offering, and steer the conversation or sales pitch in the right direction at all times.

Why is this so important?

Because the second you lose focus, or allow them to take control and change the subject, the trance is broken, and your chances of getting to a YES is greatly reduced.

When this happens, it may be next to impossible to close the deal, no matter how good you are at selling.


4. Keep things real.


No matter what, honesty is always the best policy… especially when it comes to the selling environment.

People have the right to know what they’re getting themselves into, so no matter what the “experts” tell you, lying is the absolute worst thing you can do.

Even if it hurts (because the truth often does), it has to be told…

Because as the old saying goes, “…the truth shall set you free”, and there’s nothing like having the freedom the choose your own path based on real information.

Want to really deepen the connection between you and your prospect?

Since most people are used to being taken advantage of or flat out lied to, try revealing privileged information, or a hidden secret that no one knows about.

This can give you a huge psychological advantage over your competition, and allow you to better position your brand in a crowded market.

And when you can gain a foothold in your niche through strategic positioning, the sales process will be a MUCH easier process.

But it all starts with fostering trust between you and the customer.

Remember, you don’t have to lie to get what you want out of life, just present your offer, give out the details, answer any questions people might have, and close the deal!

…Want to sell your product or services with as little resistance as possible, and with the highest chances of closing the deal?

You’ve got to be able to handle objections, and turn potential problems into the very reason that customers choose the shop with you.

This is where your personal brand comes in…

Before you start trying to close deals, my flagship training course, The Sexy Brand Building Formula, will help you craft a message that’s profitable, and highly attractive to your audience.

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Thanks for reading, and as always…








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