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How to Identify, Communicate With, and Sell to Your Ideal Client

//How to Identify, Communicate With, and Sell to Your Ideal Client

If you’re just getting started with digital marketing, the most exciting thing in the world is making your first dollar online.

All it takes is one sale to get the wheels turning on what could snowball into a lifelong obsession!

But there’s something us seasoned marketers know that most newcomers and even veteran brick & mortar business owners don’t:             

Identify, Communicate with, and Sell to Your IDEAL CLIENT

This concept of taking the exact traits of the PERFECT customer for your business, and basing all marketing & promotions around him/her, is something the most successful companies on earth have been doing for years.

And the moment you make use of this, reaching your income goals will come quicker than you ever thought possible. Why? Because you’re no longer wasting efforts on people who have zero intention on buying your products or services in the first place.

Get Laser Focused on Your Target Market

Instead of trying to capture everyone in the market, focus on one specific person to represent your target audience. This will allow you to zero in on the exact group of people most likely to convert into paying customers.  

In fact, discovering your ideal client can mean the difference between long-term success, or complete failure.

Imagine spending years of your life building a business, only to realize one day that you actually hate what you’re doing. Everything you went through to build, grow, and eventually scale your brand would (almost) be for nothing.

The second you switch the focus away from what the current audience is used to, a large percentage of them are going to unfollow your broadcasts.  

Losing Your Audience Will Cost You Big Time

And if you haven’t figured it out yet, losing subs will have a direct effect on your bottom-line. List size is almost directly proportional to the amount of money you can generate with it.

Knowing these few basic things about online marketing will help keep you focused, and hyper-aware of every message you send. That includes emails, videos, social media posts, webinars etc.

When you decide on the exact person(s) to target, it completely changes the way you do business.

For one, It makes it much easier to hone your sales message. Since you already know what your “person” likes & dislikes, tailoring words isn’t hard. You can properly talk to them in an email, or facebook post allows you to connect on an emotional level. This is where ALL buying decisions are made.

Knowing Your Ideal Customer Makes Selling Easy!

Creating an ideal customer can even help ease any anxiety you may have about asking for the sale. Since this person is literally PERFECT for you, it should be like explaining something to a best friend that seeks out your advice.

This means you’d speak in an authoritative, yet conversational tone. You can help them make the most informed decision possible.

Don’t Waste Your Marketing Efforts

At this point, if you’ve done your job. But you’ll never get the opportunity to form a REAL emotional bond if you’re still trying to attract people using generalized terms and criteria.

It takes the same amount of effort to go after your ideal client as it does for people you don’t want to work with. So you might as well make your life 10X easier by dealing with someone you like.

Serving a Less Than Ideal Customer Hurts Your Business

One of the hardest things for people to deal with is customer service. Though they may never admit it, managing complaints, refund requests, scam attempts, etc. can be overwhelming, especially if you’re operating at a high-level.

At first, you might be able to handle a support ticket here and there. But when you get dozens of people you don’t like, constantly demanding your attention at one time, you’re going to lose your mind!  

On the other hand, if you had a list full of people you enjoyed interacting with, any issue that pops up is a chance to influence and deepen the relationship with your audience. Eventually, you’ll be able to turn a simple question, or even problems, into a situation that creates a lifelong customer!

Outline Exactly Who You Want to Do Business With

So the question is, would you rather Make money, have fun, and truly enjoy running your business? Or risk losing your hair (and big chunks of money) trying to get everyone under the sun in your funnel?

This is why I can’t stress enough how important it is to decide early on, EXACTLY who you want to do business with. Even if you’re just getting started, and still unsure about which direction to go, taking time to develop this person can save you from years of failed campaigns.  And it can save you from a PayPal full of chargebacks.

Let Me Help You Craft a Powerful and Profitable Message

But before you slide down this slippery slope and put yourself at a serious disadvantage, you need my flagship training course, The Sexy Brand Building Formula.  It goes in-depth on crafting a brand message that’s powerful, profitable, and highly attractive to your target audience.

In my course, you’ll also learn the exact methods I use to help others. I’ve turned experts, entrepreneurs, and influencers into the most recognizable personal brands in their industry.




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