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How to Rise Above Your Own Self Doubt to be Successful in Business

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I was scrolling through my newsfeed from 8 years ago while sipping a velvety glass of red. You gotta love Facebook memories, right?

Found myself getting lost in countless posts, pictures and comments from people.

You know that feeling…

After a few moments I noticed a bunch of people and profiles who I haven’t spoken to in years…

It’s always exciting to catch up on what people are up to these days by going through their timeline.

But one person brought back a memory…

I caught a glimpse of an old friend who, about 9 years ago, let me know that my goal of traveling the world and never putting my child in daycare was unrealistic.

He told me that I was setting myself up for disappointment. That I should take responsibility and go back to corporate to ensure the security for my family.

Initially, I felt deflated, fearful and pissed off!

To be fair, his feedback was sound and he delivered his perspective from love with compassion and respect.

When I stepped back and reexamined what we were doing — I realized that YES we were indeed a bit outrageous. That was exactly the kind of outrageous that would fire me up and motivate me to work my tail off to make this a reality.

If you tend to dream big in life, there’s a good chance you’ll face voices of dissent. Even from well-meaning family, friends and colleagues.

You’ll be surprised where the most damaging voices come from…

Tragically, though, the most damaging voice of often comes from within ourselves. I call it “Monkey chatter”.

It’s our own self-doubt that tells us that we don’t have what it takes. That mindset is what can really take us down. It’s that fear that we’ll lose steam or that we just don’t have the right ‘stuff’ to be victorious.

Here are a few of my best ways to kick that monkey off my shoulder and get back in my A game.

  1. Look in the mirror daily and introduce yourself to- yourself. Smile and say “You’re Amazing! So glad I met you” (Get Your kids in on this one too)
  2. Write down everything you failed at this year so far…then everything you have achieved or “won”. Chances are those failures were the catapult to some of your best wins.
  3. Set a BIG, MONSTROUS GOAL that is so out of reach you have no time to think..only do, then share it with someone. But this time you’re equipped to be resilient to what people say or do, because you know you can!

I hope this gave you a bit of hope and energy to make big lofty goals that others may want to judge you for. Live Unstoppable!



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