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How to Start a Blog That Will Actually Make Money

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There are a lot of experts out there that will tell you that blogs are dead, but I completely disagree. You can start a blog that will actually make money for you. When you develop a blog with purpose, it will bring you a return.

Here’s the tech requirements to start a blog-

The truth is, for less than a glass of wine a day you can get your blog rolling. Here’s what you are going to need-

Web Hosting

Web hosting is like a parking spot for your content. There has to be a place for it to be stored. Bluehost is a popular choice for bloggers and business owners. They have great customer support and offer a wide range of packages for pricing.

If your blog blows up with readership, then you can expect this web hosting service to be able to handle it. Also, they have great page load times, which increases your site traffic. 

To start the process and purchase a domain name and hosting, go through this link or the graphic below.


Domain Name

The domain name is the name of your website address. So, for example, my domain name is and I also own

You will need to search and find what URL’s are available. With that in mind, it is good to have a few name ideas selected and see which ones you can get.

You can purchase a domain name through Bluehost or another web service. Unless you already own the domain name, then you should go ahead and buy it as a package with the web hosting, because often you get a better deal.

Setup WordPress

After you have set up your Bluehost account, you will get an email that directs you to set up your wordpress website. You’ll need to click the install button to get started. Then you’ll be taken to a page where you will look for the WordPress icon under blogs and you’ll need to click the drop down menu and find your domain.

Here’s a quick tutorial that will show you how to do it exactly.

If this sounds complicated to you, because it can be, we offer a done for you service where our design team does this for you. They can do the process from start to finish for you.

Find a WordPress Theme


There are hundreds of free and paid wordpress themes you can install and customize. This is where you will select your colors, add your logo, and set up the different elements of your site.

Depending on your industry, you should be able to find suitable templates by searching your niche and wordpress theme. For example, I would look for responsive coaching wordpress themes. Or you can look for top wordpress themes for 2017.

Here’s a few themes you might consider-

Again, this is a service we offer, because we know how important it is to have a sexy website. I’ve spent a lot of time researching the best themes for my websites. I model them after key players in the industry. Marie Forleo is my favorite person to model after. 

How to Install a WordPress Theme on Your Blog

Once you have picked out a theme, you will need to install it on your blog so that it can be customized. The blog will come pre-loaded with a theme, like Twenty Seventeen. It is best that you upload a different theme, though, since this one is so common.

Here’s how to upload your new theme-

Select Appearance

Go to the dashboard of your website and scroll down the left menu until you see the option “Appearance”. Then select “themes” on the pop out menu.

Select Add New

To add a new theme to your website, you will select “add new”. This will work if you are installing a free theme.

Search For Themes

At this point, you can search for free themes. If you know the specific name of one, then put it in the search bar. Otherwise, look through the themes. Click the install button and it will allow you to customize your theme.


You can also purchase a theme and download it on your computer. Then you will have to upload it to your websites. Look for “upload theme” at the top. Then it will allow you to upload what you’ve downloaded to your computer.

Customize The Theme

Once you have installed your theme, then you can customize it. Go back to the “appearance” tab and select “themes”. You will click customize on the theme that you uploaded. It will take you to the place where you can make your changes.

Top Plugins You Need

Plugins can be installed to help your website have greater functionality. Some of our must-have plugins include:

Akismet Anit-Spam Filter

Just like your email, you will receive spam on your website. In order to keep those comments to a minimum, you need a spam plugin. Without it, you’ll end up wading through hundreds of comments a week that are not legit.

Facebook Feed Plugin

To keep people engaging with your social media, you can put your Facebook feed on the sidebar. This plugin will show all of your recent activity to your audience.

Google Analytics Dashboard

You’ll need to sign up for Google analytics to track your site traffic. After you sign up for your account and put the tracking code in the header CSS of your website, then you can install the dashboard plugin. This plugin will give you all of your analytics in the dashboard.

This makes it easy for you to see what’s going on. Of course, you’ll want to sign into your analytics account for greater detail in reporting, but this plugin gives you the quick glance you need to check on your site.

Lightweight Social Icon

This plugin displays social media icons and allows you to link your accounts to the icons. This way, your readers can easily follow you on the different platforms.

Sassy Social Share

So that your readers can share your best articles, this plugin is a must. It pulls up all social media platforms that your audience may use to share content they love.

These are just a few to get you started. If there’s a functionality you want your website to have, likely, you can find a plugin that will help you.

Develop a Lead Capture Process

Every blog must have an opt in to capture leads. To do this without being salesy, you need to give your readers something free in exchange for their email address. You create something they want, and they give you their contact info to get it. 
I’ve written many ebooks over the years to give to my readers in exchange for their email addresses. My latest ebook is the Sexy Brand Building Formula. This guide gives you a check list of what you need to get your online business started. I always make sure I’m giving real value in my freebies.
The other lead capture I’m offering is a free webinar.  This is a bonus training video where I discuss in detail what your best strategy is to earning money. After you watch it, you’ll have a greater idea of what you need to do next to increase your production.

Free eBook Funnel

Here’s a funnel that can get you started with your lead magnet. This is what i have used to bring in many subscribers and ultimately tribe members to my community.

Here’s another system you might want to check out. This is the same system that Starbucks and McDonald’s have used.

Develop a Sales Funnel

It’s not enough to have a lead capture. You must have a sales funnel process that you take people through when you get their email. We use a funnel through Clickfunnels, because it brings people into our world without being salesy.
Once they are on my list, I can build a relationship with them that is long term. Through our sales funnels and newsletters, we invest in those that come into our world.
I’ve created custom email sequences that are sent to my readers at just the right time, based off of their needs. I’m not into cookie cutter branding. It’s my goal to help develop a brand that’s right for you, which is why my email sequences are very specific and tailored to my audience.

Here’s what you need to do to make money on your blog-

Once you have your website up and running, it is time to develop a money making strategy. There are many ways that you can earn through your blog.

1. Google Ads

Putting Google ads on your page is a simple way to earn passive income. Sign up with Google Adsense and apply to open an ads account. Once you are approved, you can generate ad codes that you place in the sidebar, header, or footer of your website.

2. Affiliate Sales

Before I started creating my own products, I made a full time income off of affiliate sales. This is a commission based form of sales. When you sign up to be an affiliate, you receive an unique link that allows your sales to be tracked. If someone purchases through your link, you receive commission for the sale.

It is important to only sell products that are in line with your values. If you try to sell anything and everything, it will cause your followers to feel confused. That is why you should limit what you sell.

My suggestion is to look for high ticket items to sell, because it takes the same amount of resources to sell higher commissioned products as lower commissioned ones. For example, when people sign up for my Business in a Box program, they can sell my courses and get a high commission of the sale.

Here’s what I offer to my affiliates-

Other Affiliate Programs

I always suggest that you go for the highest paying affiliate programs. You have to spend a lot of time and energy to sell products, so it is wisest to go with commissions that are high.

Here’s an examples of another high paying programs you might want to look into-

Clickfunnels– in the way of online automation, Clickfunnels is kicking butt right now. Russel Brunson has created an undeniable movement, which means a lot of people are learning about the program. Not only do I suggest you become an affiliate for the product, but that you also use it.

3. Sponsored or Guest Posts

Many companies are looking for influencers to accept sponsored or paid guest posts. Either, the company will provide a well written article for your website that will appeal to your audience, or you will write the article yourself. Your traffic will depend on how much you can charge someone for the post.

4. Create Your Own Products

Like I said before, the majority of my earnings came through affiliate sales. Now, I create my own products and services to offer to my tribe. Selling my own products and services has allowed me to stick with my high values.

My service is to help people just like you to create your own products and services. Through my branding expertise, you can develop a brand you can be proud of. If you want to learn more about how I can help you, check out my Business in a Box through the link below.


  • That ebook funnel description was SO helpful! Really well done. Diving into the online world can feel like entering the wild wild west. Thank you for making it less scary ):

    Jessica Desai 27.09.2017
    • That’s great to hear Jessica. Is there a place where you feel stuck in your business? Maybe I can answer some questions for you. Let me know.

      Rhondaswan 28.09.2017

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