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My Interview With Fahad Younis

I had the chance to share my story with Fahad Younis in an interview. He is the host of the show- Meri Kahaani. I was so honored to be on his show. Fahad’s goal is to invite entrepreneurs to encourage other business owners.

Here’s what we talked about in the interview-

Tell Me Your Story

I realized the world was shifting. The online digital economy was blooming. That is what I did. I looked into different business models so that I could earn a living from home. It was my goal to never put Hanalei in daycare.

I quit my corporate position and worked hard to increase our earnings. Eventually, I was able to retire Brian and he came home to help me with the business.

What Has Inspired You?


My inspiration is to raise my daughter. She is the reason that I get up in the morning and keep pushing. Hanalei is absolutely my why. As a woman entrepreneur, I want to teach my daughter that she can raise a family and earn an income at the same time.

Most women that are in power, they have to put their family to the side. I want others to know that is not the case. They can absolutely build a business without sacrificing raising your own family. Traveling has been an important part of my why. I want Hanalei to experience culture.

What Are You working on right now?

I’m the founder of the Freedom-preneur Movement and Academy. We teach entrepreneurs to build their online business. I put a lot of events on and I speak all over the place.

My latest book, Skills Are Cheap and Passion is Priceless, is about to released on November 25, on Amazon. This book is the bi-product of years and years of failing, learning, and succeeding.

Also, I’m doing some ongoing giving back projects. I’m helping children around the world to have a better life. We work with the Unstoppable Foundation.

Where Can People Find You?

My personal websites and Facebook are great places to find me. The Unstoppable Family blog is a place where you can see some of our adventures. The Unstoppable Momma blog is a place I share invaluable content for business owners.

What is Your Special Message to Others?


I believe all women are equal as men. You have a voice inside of you. You have to just start. The world needs your message. With social media, we have the ability to share our voice. The type of change you want to see in the world is easily conveyed through online platforms.

I work with women by teaching them to hone in on their message and then develop a plan to get it out to the world.

What is Your Feedback About My Initiative?

This is one of the best ways we can connect our world together. Connecting one another’s lives and stories is a great way to make that happen. The world needs to hear stories. It is what helps us to identify with those around us.

There is goodness across the world. When shows like this exist, it brings people like you and I together that are from vastly different backgrounds.

Anything Else You Want to Share With Others?

Live every single day like it is your last. Live unstoppable!


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