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Join Us At The Frontline Marketer Live 2018 Event

//Join Us At The Frontline Marketer Live 2018 Event

We’re heading to London! Hanalei and I have been invited to speak at the Frontline Marketer LIVE 2018 event that is hosted by Jon Penberthy. Jon and I go way back and it is always a privilege to do events with him.

Frontline Marketer Live 2018 Speaker Line Up

There is an incredible speaker lineup that is going to rock your business and help you build your sexy brand. Here is a look at the speakers that are going to share their wisdom.  

Jon Penberthy

Jon has harnessed the power of social media and the internet to grow lucrative companies and products over the past several years. He’ll show you how he has used tools like YouTube ads, video marketing, and more to grow a successful business.

Jubril Agoro

Known as “Mr. Think Outside the Box,” entrepreneur and producer Jubril Agoro brings his digital marketing skills to the table everywhere he travels. Frequently traveling, he enjoys documenting his adventures through his video production company. He never stops working.

He chooses to stand out in today’s culture and encourage those around him to take a leap and be adventurous. Jubril left the corporate life to pursue his passion for travel and teaching others how to grow their businesses.

Chris Farrell

Personal finance developer and public radio documentor, Chris definitely knows his stuff. Giving you the techniques you need to grow your online business, he will share his knowledge and his journey to success with you.

He began his journey in 2008 with no previous experience. In less than 2 years, he was making over $1 million. For the past 5 years, he has been named the #1 online marketer and is dedicated to sharing his knowledge of creating recurring revenue with other entrepreneurs.

Hanalei Swan

At only 10 years old, Hanalei already has a profitable fashion line that is impacting millions. Spending several years in multiple countries allowed her to gain knowledge of other cultures in the world. During this time, she visited more than 44 countries and lived in over 9 of them.

Hanalei is the owner of HS Designs which supports the education of young entrepreneurs. She has also established the Share the Love Program which is committed to overcoming poverty and providing education in Africa. She has a clear goal to help girls and women feel beautiful in whatever they are wearing.

Dean Holland

Dean has definitely had his ups and downs. Utilizing what he calls “the perfect funnel,” he managed to go from $60,000 in debt to over $10million annually. His experiences and knowledge allow him to offer sales coaching and software services to those looking to start their own business.

Mat Wilson

In 2005, Mat left his job as a factory machine operator to pursue his passion of becoming his own boss. During the past several years, Mat has used his digital marketing skills to launch a 7 figure award-winning campaign known as“Einstein Marketer”. He is passionate about teaching others how to create viral content that provides high value and high revenue.

Rhonda Swan

Mother of fashion designer sensation, Hanalei Swan, Rhonda is an international speaker and best selling author. Encouraging whoever she meets to pursue their passions, Rhonda engages readers and listeners with a fire and passion to adopt her “Unstoppable” mentality. She blogs at “Unstoppable Momma,” and teaches others how to build a long-lasting brand and devoted online community.

Rock Ullah

Creator and CEO of “Freak Athletics,” Rock has trained numerous college and professional basketball players. His business has delivered 7 years of training to athletes, enabling them to play the best games possible. As a former college and professional player himself, he has been able to reach more than 2.1Million subscribers with his YouTube channel. He can tell you how to do the same.

Adam Linkenauger

Adam is the owner of “Freak Athletics” and proven vertical jump trainer and Olympic Qualifying athlete. Using the company to train other athletes, he inspires them to become “freaks” themselves and accomplish their goals. Rock and Adam will share how they’ve used their YouTube channel to build a 7 figure company.

May 11th-13th is going to be a fantastic time! Sign up below for the Frontline Marketer Live 2018 Event. I hope to see you there.

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