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The “normal” way of reaching goals, or at least the most widely accepted method, is to figure out what you want, make a plan to get there, then take action…


But is it really that easy?


Judging from the amount of struggling entrepreneurs, and millions of working people who hate their 9 to 5’s, this so-called simple process just isn’t cutting it.


Which brings us to today’s interview…


I’m so happy to introduce my guest, friend, and VIP Branding Retreat speaker, Joanie Dhillon!


She’s a peak performance coach, and a sales trainer who helps people go from ZERO, to the top 1% of earners in the timeshares industry.


By training the mind to believe what it wants to be or have NOW, she helps salespeople breakthrough their own mental barriers to turn their dreams into reality.


Joanie’s also a master NLP coach & trainer, a master hypnotherapist, and the host of her own podcast called “The 1% life”.


Much like her coaching business, the show is heavily focused on helping sales professionals become high achievers, while making an impact in the world.


So what did we cover in this interview?


The biggest takeaway is this… if you want to reach your dream of becoming a 7-figure marketer, a social media influencer with millions of followers, or whatever your heart may long for, leveraging the power of your subconscious mind is the #1 way to gain your desires.


So many times I see new, even experienced entrepreneurs start diving into tasks, while paying little attention to their thoughts and how they shape reality.


Sure, jumping head-first into getting Sh%!T done is something we all should be doing, but neglecting to go “inward”, and consciously program your internal computer for success will bring about the exact opposite of what you want.


I say this all the time, and yet I’m compelled to repeat it…


Because myself, many of my students, and every other high-achiever I’ve had the pleasure of meeting has gotten nearly everything they wanted using this simple idea…




Whether you’re trying to hit 10K per month using sales funnels, or $1,000,000, what makes your goals come to life is the structure and systems you use every single day to get there..


And as an entrepreneur, the structure is everything…


Between Joanie and myself, we’ve seen many incredible entrepreneurs that have powerful missions, and are driven beyond measure.


But when it comes to breaking through that glass ceiling, they get blocked.

…Everyone wants to earn a Two-Comma Club award.

That golden plaque from ClickFunnels symbolizes to the world that you’re the REAL DEAL, and you’re powerful enough to manifest 7-figures online selling your products.


But if you don’t figure out how to control the subconscious mind, what you want, versus who you are will never line up long enough to make progress.


The funny thing about the subconscious is that it’s designed (as far as we know) to do two things… take orders and act on them.


This is a double-edged sword…


On one hand, if you know what you’re doing, it can be used to do/have literally anything.


But if you don’t use it for good by pulling yourself forward, it will literally hold you back and suppress your CONSCIOUS desires.


No matter how bad you “want” them.


That’s why it’s so important to pay close attention to what we allow into our minds.


If you can filter away as much negativity as possible, and focus on the things that matter, you’ll begin to train the unconscious world to deliver everything you want.


Let’s say you make $10,000 per month, but you really want to bump that up to $100K…


You may tell yourself it’s what you desire, but deep down, you don’t really think it’s possible.


…Or maybe you know it’s possible, because you’ve seen it happen, but for some reason you don’t think you deserve that kind of money.


When this happens, your unconscious mind will manifest different situations in life to prevent you from ever getting to your goals.


Without getting too philosophical, this is why so many people struggle for years before getting their breakthrough… that is if they ever figure all of this stuff out.


To wrap things up, developing some structure in your business and daily life, plus striving for alignment between the conscious and subconscious mind is the most straightforward way to reach goals.


But this is just the tip of the iceberg!


Want to hear Joanie break-down more secrets to becoming a high achiever like the other 1%’ers that she trains?



Thanks for reading, and after playing the video above, go out and…









Rhonda Swan • FOUNDER & CEO • Unstoppable Branding Agency & Sexy Brand Building Formula Programs
Ridiculously dedicated to inspiring Mother’s, Family’s, & Individuals to go after their dreams. Rhonda left her corporate JOB 11 years ago so she could raise her daughter and never put her in daycare. Today, she travels full time with her Unstoppable Family, and speaks on stages to inspire others to go after what they want out of life. Rhonda’s signature program is the Sexy Brand Building Formula – where she teaches others to transform their ideas into sexy profit making machines. Learn More:



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