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Media & The City Edition of The Bon Bon Magazine

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I’ve been working hard with Bonnie Bruderer cooking up a great event for women Freedom-preneurs. A new show is due to come out in the fall called, Brand It. This is a show that is modeled after, Making It.

Media & The City Featured in The Bon Bon Magazine

As part of the promotions for this event and the new show, a new edition of The Bon Bon Magazine will be released featuring a woman from Brand It. This first edition of the magazine has already come out to create buzz about this incredible thing that we are doing.

The Bon Bon Magazine

The Bon Bon Magazine Featuring Media and The City


In this edition, they share about the event along with spotlighting one of the ladies that will be on the show. Also, you will find out information about the other shows that are coming out this fall.

The Magazine Will Feature Spectacular Women and Their Brands

It is hard to imagine, but this is going to be HUGE!!! As the weeks have gone on, Bonnie and I have been working to set these ladies up for success. All of these women have powerful brands that they are ready to unleash to the world.

Some of these fabulous ladies include:

Dr. Lesya Anna 


Inge Hart 


Di Downie 

-downie 1280x720

Jodi Harman

Jodi Harman

Erica Kristene 

-erica 1280x720

Liliana Aguirre 

-lillina 1280x720

Darviny D  


Christine Robinson 

christine Robinson

Rhonda Swan 


Patty Alfonso 


Kalpna Suthar


Bonnie Bruderer


All of these women have worked hard to develop products and services that are sexy. I’ve been working with each one on one to refine their message so that they are ready to share it with the world.

I know they are ready for the world, but is the world ready for them?

There’s Nothing Like Brand It

What is so incredible about this new show is that there is nothing else like it. We have invited 12 entrepreneurs that are all women, to come and be a part of this show. The synergy is growing day by day as these ladies encourage one another on in their businesses.

I believe that this show is going to be the first of many seasons that will truly bring hope to up and coming Freedom-preneurs. I for one am feeling excited to see where it goes.

Want to Be On The Show?

If you have a brand that you want us to help you sexify and showcase on Brand It, be sure to learn more through the link below. We would love to see your brand on television along with other great women.

Media and The City Event

Magazine for Media and the City


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