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Medical Doctor Breaks Family Values To Follow His Passions

/, Passion is priceless/Medical Doctor Breaks Family Values To Follow His Passions

As a parent, we always want the best for our kids.

We want them to make the most money and to have the best future.

But what if they want to take a totally different direction than what we want them to be?

This cliche scenario happens to most households around the world.

The family wants to do what they think is right for their children.

They send them to school and make them take the course they wanted for them and then the children find themselves totally trapped in their parents’ expectations.

This is what happened to Ryerson Anselmo.

Discover how he started in Photography and what are the obstacles he has faced including going against his family in order to pursue his passion and building his own name in the industry of Photography.

He is one of the few photographers that really connects with his subject. He makes them feel comfortable and then captures their essence. We have done several photoshoots with him and it always turned out amazing every time!

To some photographers, their profession may be only a job. To himself, it is and always has been so much more. It’s a true passion, a lifetime commitment, and an addiction.

Art As An Escape

“Basically I studied Medicine before. I never thought that I’m gonna be a Photographer. Photography was always an escape actually.” -Ryerson

Art is in everything. It can be in the form of hand-drawn images, written words, photographs, dance, acting, and of course music. There are endless forms of art that sometimes appear to have no purpose beyond the creation of money although that is a privilege many artists never experience.

We appreciate art for its ability to reveal an artist’s thoughts and opinions. For its visual beauty, and for its emotional power. It has the capacity to change not only the viewer of art but the artists themselves. It takes a special mind to create life from something intangible.

Importance Of Photography For Your Brand

Photography is the art of capturing light with a camera, usually via a digital sensor or film, to create an image. But Photography is more complex than simply pressing a button especially when you’re using it to advertise your brand.

The human brain really loves pictures. Photos, videos, and infographics are a very important element in keeping visitors invested and coming back.

This is used widely as a tool to promote and market any product in business. This is one of the best strategies and an ultimate driving sales tool to increase business by the social presence and attracting more consumers.

Since visuals are the best way to attract people’s attention, Photography gives an excellent boost to your brand. High-quality photos and videos of you or your products and offerings enable you to show your clients and customers what you have to offer instead of telling them.

Also, it is very important for your website to be aesthetically pleasing. Let’s be honest, ugly websites are not going to keep anyone coming back. Your website also directly reflects your business, so it is very important that your website looks great. Great photos can make this happen.

Great photography on your website also shows visitors who you are and what you are about without them ever having to read a word. You can either take photos off of the internet but it’s always great to invest in a professional photographer.

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