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Meet The Cast of The First Season Of Brand It

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Just a few short months ago, Bonnie Bruderer and I brainstormed the concept for a powerful new show, Brand It. We invited 13 women from all over the globe to meet us in New York City. During the time we were together, we helped them sexify their brand and record the first season of Brand It.

These lovely ladies are simply amazing and I want to introduce them to you.

Christine Robinson

christine Robinson

As a passionate visionary, Christine helps her clients to become bestselling authors on Kindle. She works with all types of entrepreneurs to get their message out to the world. With her tried and true methods, an individual can expect to see their books ranking next to leaders in their industry.

With her strategies and mentoring, she can take a budding author from the idea stage to writing a well thought out book. She works with people that are driven entrepreneurs and want to be seen on a global level. It is her passion to help them shine.

She can be found organizing luxurious retreats, leading seminars and building a tribe of the Stars of Tomorrow.

Kalpna Suthar


Kalpna is an Award Winning Author of Never Judge a Book By Its Cover. She shares her experiences from her childhood and how they shaped her into who she is today. As a highly inspirational speaker, she has coached many through different areas of their life.

She has the uncanny ability to help you open your mind and think differently. With her out of the box way of thinking, she can help you transform your negative situation into something positive.

Her love to meet new people is what takes her all over the world. It is important to her to always learn new ways of self-improvement.

Livia Caudell

Livia Caudell 1280x720

Livia passionately inspires entrepreneurs to develop businesses that focus first on people, the planet, and then profits. She is a Conscious Entrepreneur that with a mission to Conscious Business and living all throughout the world.

She is a visionary leader as well as author, TV show host, speaker on international stages, and a transformational coach.

With her diverse background in business, she has the ability to speak to people in any industry. She created Conscious Wealth Builders, which is a training, development and coaching company that is designed to help others make an impact on the world.

Lesya Anna


Dr. Lesya Anna has created a program that is designed to empower her clients to experience relief from pain, stress, depression, and anxiety. These conditions take a toll on the body in a debilitating way. It is her passion to help her clients, both men, women, and children, to find easy and practical relief.

Her belief is that everyone deserves to live a happy and pain free life. Also, she believes that everyone has  the ability to be free from disease, depression and anxiety.

She teaches her clients that their life is up to them and they can make the choice to do what is necessary to reach their optimal health goals.

Tonya Pearson

Tonya Pearson 1280x720

Tonya Pearson is a Freedom Fighter that has the power to help others establish successful initiatives. She is passionate about spending time with her family and helping others do the same through her financial coaching.

It is her goal to encourage families to spend their money wisely and manage their finances well. With her help, business owners have been able to set higher goals and reach them. The driving motivation behind her coaching is to help entrepreneurs become freedom fighters who chase their dreams and live the life they love.

Tonya is a visionary that can see where a person needs to be and create a path to get there. Through her strategic planning, her clients are finally able to focus more on their family.

Di Downie

-downie 1280x720

Di is a partner in marriage and a mum. She is passionate about living life to the fullest. As an accomplished CEO of 5 companies that have been successful, she is committed to helping others capture their ideas and turn them into a reality. It is her goal to share her tools of magic with others so that they can become successful in their business.

She was raised in a rural part of Western Australia, where she created her first business out of desperate need. On account of drought, the family farm was unable to provide for them financially. Through her innovation, she developed a business that helped them make ends meet.

Today she takes life one step at a time and works to trust in herself. She is guided by her values and what matters most to become the she’preneur she is today.  

Darviny D


Darviny is a self-proclaimed lifestyle connoisseur. She is a highly successful business woman with an extensive background. As an artist and trained actor Kundalini Yoga teacher, a restauranteur, a boutique owner and clothing manufacturer, she knows what it takes to be successful.

Now, she is a presenter of her very own lifestyle show that airs online. Her artistry shows in the way she hosts her show. Each day she aims to bring more beauty to the world and life to her viewers through her message.

Patty Alfonso


Patty is the creator of Pole Dancing for Consciousness and The Essence of You. She is a catalyst for transformation. In her career, she has taken international stages, become an author, and is a well respected facilitator.

It is her passion to inspire others to create magic in their lives by listening to their body and allowing their intuition to guide them.

She is a kind individual that has an infectious smile and the ability to put others at ease. With her personality, she brings joy and pleasure to those around her. internationally acclaimed speaker, facilitator and author.

It is her desire to continue growing and empower her clients, led her to Access Consciousness®, where she is a Certified Facilitator.

Erica Kristene

-erica 2

Erica Kristene Motivation Mavin originally from Arizona. She is a dog lover and advocate for abused animals. Her main passion and mission is to help people see their worth and live a positive lifestyle mentally and physically.

She believes everyone is deserving of living a full happy life no matter past or present circumstances. She plans on changing the hearts and souls of one another for the better along her journey. Coaching you to success from the inside out.

Liliana Aguirre

-lillina 1280x720

Lady Hustle Liliana, originally from Mexico, is a passionate entrepreneur, interior designer and business owner. She has been actively involved in helping develop awareness of the Latin American culture in first world countries like Australia, through events and her language school, The Multicultural Language Centre.

She has also collaborated with charities and organisations in her hometown in Mexico to help and educate disadvantaged people.

Liliana’s goal is to encourage everybody to find their passion and to reach their dreams with her new clothing brand Hustle Hat Co. With gratitude, self-belief and hustle anything is possible. Make it happen!

Inge Hart


Inge Hart, also known as the “Dutch Nomad Mom” is a Health and Life in Balance Specialist, Yogi and International Speaker. She a member of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and co-organises the Ashtanga Yoga Bali Conference.

She coaches women in their personal and professional life who experience they need to set their priorities in line with their inner needs to bring back vitality and balance into their life.

Through her Villa Bloom Bali she inspires guests and facilitates retreats by offering healthy food, spirituality, outdoor activities and a loving and caring environment. Inge has been featured in Fabulous Mama, Bahrain this Month and De Telegraaf. She has been living a nomadic lifestyle based on the Five Pillars for over 5 years with her “Dutch Nomad Family”.

Jodi Harman

Jodi Harman

Jodi Harman- The Forever Girlfriend- Author Jodi Harman’s sassy style with a touch of class and sexiness is inspiring women everywhere to become a Girlfriend to their husbands so they won’t go out and get one.

From her sometimes classical views on marriage to turning up heat for intimacy and romance in the bedroom changes the way the world views being a wife and lover. Harman’s confidence brings ideas to life with sex appeal and simple techniques that are sure to please every husband, as a wife gives her husband the ultimate girlfriend experience.

This is a must read for every woman, whether you are newlyweds to empty nesters. If you are in a relationship or want to be in a relationship this book will give you the secrets to what every man desires but doesn’t dare to ask for.

Jodi and Mark Harman are the Founders of Couples By Design, LLC. a training and development firm offering proven methods and strategies to help couples increase intimacy, passion, and love in their relationship.

Karen Louise

Karen Louise

Karen Louise, is energetic, dynamic and very positive and tenacious in character, that loves to network and travel the world.

She is a British female entrepreneur with a big vision, inspiring and educating people around the world to take their life to the next level, emotionally and financially via social media or one to one. Empowering them to face whatever life puts in their way, through mindset, and sheer determination.

She is also an international speaker, presenter, author and model, and widow with 3 amazing children and multiple businesses, from selling gourmet healthy coffee to running a global media company teaching people to market online and sourcing high end developments in London and around the world and not forgetting her love for keeping fitting and eating clean.

Dream big, Love Life and be Happy!!! The creator of “Health, Wealth and Balance”

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