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Why You Need an Efficient Sales Funnel

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Healers! Coaches! Content Creators! Consultants! If you run a service-based business, you trade hours for dollars—packing your days with back-to-back calls and endless email threads.

That’s just how it is. Running a business is “supposed” to keep you crazy busy all-day and night, right? Sure, you know at some point you SHOULD implement smarter systems, create an online product and hire some help…

But you think- “ain’t nobody got time for that!”. Instead, you built a 1:1 business that keeps you so damn busy, you barely have time to categorize expenses or take a lunch break.

Forget about breakfast in bed or afternoon yoga class. Your reality is more tied to your laptop than your “entrepreneurial dream” led you to believe.

What if you could create your perfect day?

What if “business growth” didn’t have to look like 16-hour days or sacrificed weekends? What if you could play hooky without losing a single client?

You can by following the S.E.X.Y. Formula!
*Download the guide: Sexy Brand Building Formula

The reason a sales funnel is so important-

When you have the right sales process, your clients are taken through a process automatically. This allows you to manage your time so much better. Your clients are able to do work through self-guided parts of your teaching. When they meet with you, the meetings are much more efficient and productive for you both.

Creating different phases benefits both you and your client.


When building your products, you need a start to finish process that they can work through to reach the desired outcome. At all times, your clients should know what phase of the process they are in. This cuts down on confusion and questions.

For example, I teach people how to brand themselves from start to finish. The desired outcome that they are trying to reach is becoming profit earning machines. My process moves them through each phase so that they end up where they want to be.

When you have the right phases set up, it will lead your clients through the process. If they know exactly where they are in the phases, then they know what to expect along the way. This allows you to bring in more people to your sales process without becoming overwhelmed.

If you are ready to get started on this, download your copy of my Sexy Brand Building Formula today. I have used this formula myself to build my business.



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