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academy testimonial

/academy testimonial

"My job and my relestate business has more than doubled since I strted taking working with Rhonda and the Freedompreneur tribe and academy. The information and the community is fantastic."

Tom Moester (Dutch nomad family)

Busines Develpment Manager for South East Asia and Realestate Owner in Bali

"Before I met Rhonda and Brian and started learning from the Academy and Tribe, I had no idea how to get my villa in front of more people and to market my personal brand. The

Inge Hart (Dutch Nomad Famly)

Dutch Tax Law, Bali Realestate

"I'm a healer and my lifes work is helping others find their true self and live in their highest purpose. When I met Rhonda and the Tribe, I had no idea how to get my

Nicky Jones

Healer and Founder Of Lifestyle Alchemy

"This woman has power and zest, she has put together a world class program that offers clarity and gives a perfect roadmap for a new busines owner or someone working online for the first time."

Brenda Fontaine

Small Business Owner & Social Media Enthusiest

"Once I started working with Rhonda, and the Academy my brand became so clear and defined. I have now been able to start building my own products and have learned how to get them in

Darviny D: Artist

Health & Entertainment Coach