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The 4 C’s of Building Your Brand

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The art of personal branding requires careful and intentional thought. Your personal brand conveys to your audience who you are and what you are about. It also involves continually marketing yourself and your image so you are always present to your audience.

Once you establish your mission for your business and yourself, you continue building on that foundation. But, the first step is building your brand which is the foundation of everything you are about.

I have 4 specific building blocks you need to use to accomplish this successfully.



We all want to be a part of something we can rely on and have faith in. The same is true for your audience. Brands are built on trust and can be described as “everything you say and everything you do.”

There are many ways to gain authority and establish yourself as such. These ways include:

  • Writing and publishing through online articles or blog posts
  • Create branding films with YouTube or other media venues
  • Develop a podcast on your own or with another like-minded, established figure
  • Invest in other established publications that will help you gain more authority

Trust is gained by delivering on each promise you make. A credible brand will always align the way it behaves with the way it is portrayed (or the promises it makes). This close connection will ensure that your customer’s instinctive reaction is one of trust and belief in your brand and not one of doubt and uncertainty.



A strong brand is based on clearly defined values that are important to your customers and that differentiate you from your competitors. You accomplish this by taking a (meaningful) stance. A clear understanding of your values throughout your business will ensure that they are communicated clearly through….”everything you say and everything you do.”

You do this by articulating well; understanding, establishing and communicating what you stand for. I’m sure you are familiar with the phrase, “When you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” This is even true in business. If you don’t know what your message is, neither will your audience.



The value of a brand comes through recognition and recognition comes from a consistent application of every visible manifestation of your brand. Your customers should experience your brand at every ‘touch point’. They should feel and experience what you are about through your:

  • Social media presence – such as Instagram and Facebook
  • Website and blog – keeping the same message ideas that back up your branding
  • Marketing strategy – your presence must be bold but kind and remain a constant visual in front of your audience.

Your message should be bold and powerful enough that it follows you anywhere you go. For example, I am known for the Sexy Branding Formula. This strategy carries the idea that your branding relates to your audience, is clear in its message, and puts forth an irresistible offer.

4. Congruency


Your personal values need to match your business values. This idea reinforces the previous ones we just talked about. If your message is not the same across all platforms such as social media, websites, and logo design, then your message is not clear.

When you intentionally create a plan to get your message across through all avenues, your message then begins working the way you want it to. Your core areas that need congruence are:

  • Mission – what are you about?
  • Strategy – what is your plan for getting that across?
  • Message – how will you convey it?
  • Logo – what’s the first thing people see?
  • Personality – who are you?

If any of these deviate from one another, then you’ve lost your message and possibly your audience. Once you establish your brand through the ways I’ve talked about, then make a conscious decision to maintain constant connections with them.

congruency, values

Don’t allow your presence to get lost in other ways of doing things. Stick with these 4 foundational tools and make your brand shine. Remember that your brand determines how well people who connect with your values and who you are.

I created a cheat sheet for sexy brand building that will help you think through the process. You can download My Personal Branding Cheat Sheet For Building A Sexy 7 Figure Brand.



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