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The World Has Changed- Winners Wanted

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You may have been informed when you were younger that if you studied hard, went to an excellent school, researched even more, as well as landed a great job, that you  can ultimately  at some point work your way up the ladder to success.

That’s just  simply not exactly how it functions anymore.

Nowadays that old path brings about a mountain of financial obligation  and also job security in a go-nowhere profession. It’s remarkable to see many young people come out of  college these days in debt up to  their eyeballs at a degree that’s so  overwhelming they trade  every one of their hopes and also their dreams in for a bottle of wine and a Netflix subscription.

However, it doesn’t need to be that way.


In spite of all the chaos in the world … what seems like continuous war, corruption, and also debt … this is just one of the most| interesting times to be alive.

The world  isn’t really coming to an end. It’s transforming. The economic system is resetting. Wealth and also power throughout the globe are changing.

Billions of individuals are rising into the Middle Class. Digital Technology is basically transforming the way we organize ourselves as a society  as well as participate in commerce.

Today, borders, college levels, and the conventional profession path are significantly lapsing and also  pointless, which is an advantage.

You can earn a living and spend time anywhere in the world today, thanks to modern communications and cheap transportation. The entire world is now open and available to you.

And there’s an extraordinary amount of opportunity out there for people who have the courage and skills to take advantage of it.

Wanted: Winners who truly want to change the world.

I’ll be honest with you. I abhor the term “lifestyle design”

There’s an entire generation of young people who have already been sold on the idea that life is just all about travel and leisure.

I see so many people now who want to start a business for the sole purpose of producing enough passive income to finance their travel lifestyle

What ever happened to the desire of changing the world? If your aspirations don’t extend beyond your surfboard, this camp is not for you.

We are looking for ass kickers, not tree sloths. We want to teach students who have the drive to create and do amazing things that really count.

Your instructors walk that walk. We want to find and invest in the next generation of doers, and equip you with rocket-propelled knowledge and contacts to jump start your next project, business, or career.

Learn the critical skills you need to create value in a world full of opportunity.

It doesn’t matter what you do… whether you have a job or start a business. Whether you are a musician or venture capitalist. Whether you come from a developed country or developing one

Your success in life will ultimately boil down to how much value you can create.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with an instruction book. And university educations are often devoid of practical advice to help you figure out what skills you need to solve the big problems.

That’s our focus inside the Freedom-Preneur  Academy.


This will provide you with an invaluable network and contacts globally. Many past attendees have become close friends, business associates, opened many doors for other attendees etc

Most of all– it will be a lot of fun. Just imagine having highly energetic and talented young people from various cultures in one place to leverage.


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