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Unstoppable Mastermind Bali Sexy Brand Building Edition

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I’m so excited that our Unstoppable Mastermind Bali event kicks off on April 1. This event is featuring my Sexy Brand Building ladies that I’ve been working with for the last few months. Before the event gets going, I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce you to these unstoppable women.

Tammy Groot

Tammy helps women create a body and a life they love. She is motivated to help others, because she spent so many years of her life not loving herself. She never felt she measured up physically and thought she was defined by how she looked.

Now that she has overcome her self-doubt and fears, she works to help others do the same thing. Through her coaching, women are able to feel free enough to pursue the things in life she wants to do.

Candace Cool

Candace is the creator of the Sexy Goddess way. She feels that being truly sexy is achieved when by living authentically while pursuing passions and freedoms. Her programs teach women to listen to the whispers of their soul to help guide them in finding the Sexy Goddess living inside of them.

She is on her own journey of self-discovery that is fueled by her desire to be a good mom for her three children. Looking back on her life, she realizes where she could have made changes that would have helped her children. Now, she uses that wisdom to teach those around her how to listen to their own personal whisper and discover the Sexy Goddess within.

Lynette Pritchard

Lynette is the create of VIM and vigor health supplements. She has spent the last 2 ½ years putting together this formula from the cleanest food sources available. Her passion was to create a drink full of healthful ingredients that tasted great without any fillers.

It is her goal to teach others what true nutrition consists of. She wants to help them make good choices, but not feel bound by pursuing a life of a health.

Jasmine Njegovan

Jasmine is the creator of World of Jasmine. She helps people re-create their live with integrity, freedom and style. Her biggest source of inspiration is from her own life experiences as a refugee migrant and single parent.

When she was a teenager, she had to be sent away from her hometown due to the civil war. She went to Belgrade where she lived with an amazing family. That family had so much love and made her feel like she was part of their family.

Through the experiences she had growing up, she learned that social status, bank accounts, and worldly possessions are not what defines who you are. You can lead a life where you explore, create and be free no matter where you came from.  

Inge Hart

Inge is Balanced Foodologist that helps women to balance their health and life. She feels that food is the gateway to an energetic and fulfilling life. Without proper nutrition, you are unable to achieve the life that you love.

She teaches that you are what you eat and that everyone is unique. That’s why she works with women to choose the right foods for their body. There’s no more one-size-fits-all diet, but a healthy eating plan designed to each individuals need.

She brings a practical approach for busy women to bring back vitality to their daily life while earning an income, running a household and being a love mom, family member and friend.  

Jaime Fittipaldi

Jaime is a warrior woman and helps women to find their inner warrior in order to accomplish and achieve their health and fitness goals through proper nutrition and exercise. She is a huge advocate for the health and fitness world, so she left her corporate job to pursue this passion.

Her poor self-esteem and body image throughout her life has caused her to reach out to other women address their issues. To beat her own weight issues, she researched and learned how to effectively kick the extra pounds once and for all.

With her program, a woman is able to feel empowered and not feel threatened by food. She is committed to helping them nurture themselves without becoming overwhelmed.

Lynn Semenuk

Lynn is the creator of No Regrets Mom. She aims to help families live their lives without regret. One of her greatest passions in life has been investing in her own daughter. She draws from her experiences and lessons learned to help others live each day to the fullest.

Lindsay Semenuk

Lindsay is the creator of Zen Fitness where she helps women connect with their mind, body, and soul. Through her programs, she helps women to become the best version of themselves while getting fit and finding their confidence.

She teaches that every day is an opportunity to improve yourself. Her programs help women to develop a good sense of self-awareness. In order to be truly healthy, she teaches you cannot neglect your mind. With her programs, a woman is able to reach her physical and mental goals.

All of these women are powerful and have a story to tell. I’m looking forward to helping brand each and every one of them. We as women are much stronger when we work together, rather than working alone.

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