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Unstoppable Mastermind In Vegas

//Unstoppable Mastermind In Vegas

You can take online course after online course and only become so successful in business. What makes the biggest difference in your success is getting face to face with other people. That is why I put on Unstoppable Masterminds every few months.

Right now, we are in Vegas and getting ready to kick off our Vegas Unstoppable Mastermind. I’ve been meeting with these guys for the last several weeks on a weekly coaching call leading up to this event. Now is when the real transformations start to happen.

How I Prepare You For a Mastermind Event

When you sign up to work with me, I meet with you and a group of other Freedom-preneurs in a weekly basis. Every week, I give actionable assignments and check in with you on your progress from the previous week. Also, the group has a chance to chime in and share their thoughts about your ideas and problems.

I also take time to work with you one on one so we can go over your specific concerns. It is in these meetings that the real growth takes place for your business. An online course can only take you so far, even my Sexy Brand Building Course, and it is a rocking course!

But what really helps you to go the next level is having a human support group and mentor.

What You Do at The Mastermind

I like to plan kick ass Mastermind events where you come to have fun, but start to fill in the gaps of what you need to get your business going.

My attendees walk away with-

  • Promo videos that are high quality and on point
  • Tons of branding shots
  • Logos and promo banners for social media
  • Solid core offer
  • Lead magnet
  • Sales funnels
  • Hours of coaching
  • And much more…

It’s my sealed with a kiss promise that I will provide high quality and value from all of the services I offer.

Brands Represented at The Vegas Mastermind

This week, there are several brands represented at the Mastermind. I’ve been working with these guys for last several weeks and they have made incredible progress on building their businesses. I want to introduce you to them-

Chantalle Jwied- My Life On My Terms

My Life on my terms create it own it live it

Chantelle is the creator of My Life on My Terms. She helps others create the life they want by leveraging the digital economy. She works with her clients to break down barriers and mindsets that keep them stuck. Anyone that is tired of having the way they live determined by a job will want to follow her.

Robin Newberry- Soul Shine Marketing

Soul Shine Marketing Making Marketing Simple so you can shine online

Robin wants to help moms be better people, better wives, and better friends by creating their own business. She believes that when a woman pursues her own passions and turns a profit, she regains her confidence. It is her goal to help women create their own story and share it with the world through online marketing.

Kimberly Ann- Mama Gawdess

Mama Gawdess keeping spirit real

Kimberly is known as Mama Gawdess and the founder of Gawdess Spa. She invites open-minded mamas to join her in an online retreat that will help them live the life of their dreams. Anyone that is done with fears, stress, boredom, playing it safe- will fit right in.

Wayne and Brianna – The Empowered Life

The Empowered Life Your Guide to Living an Epic Lifestyle

Wayne and Brianna are the creators of The Empowered Life. They help others to change their mindset, address their health concerns, and pursue adventure in life.


There’s nothing more satisfying and rewarding to me than helping someone turn their passion into a reality. Are you next? Download my free Sexy Brand Building Formula to get started. I promise you won’t regret taking back your life and joining the Freedom-Preneur movement.

I hope you meet us at the next Mastermind event in November. I’ll release more details about it soon! Stay tuned.

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