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“I can’t believe it… It happened again… another failed product launch.”

But wait, before you throw in the towel, I’m going to reveal 3 BIG ways you can increase the conversions and effectiveness of any campaign, no matter what you’re selling.


So before you cancel your ClickFunnels account or deactivate your facebook page, read below to get some new ideas about how to approach your next promotion…    


…Pay attention to your customers.

Bumping up your conversion rate doesn’t have to be like rocket science, unless you want it to be. Of course there are some highly sophisticated ways to think about marketing, and very complicated ways to do things, but you don’t have to be some highly trained systems analyst to make a ton of money online.


In fact, you don’t even need to be that smart…


But you do need to be able to master the basics, then and only then do you move on to more advanced methods if you so choose.  However, all you really have to do is keep things simple. So what’s a SUPER SIMPLE, yet highly effective way of boosting your conversions?


Whether you’re running an email campaign, or driving traffic to a sales page, the easiest and maybe even the most insightful way of doing it is by paying close attention to your customers! Unfortunately, a lot of marketers overlook this to their detriment, so when things don’t perform as well as they should, they have zero clue as to where to start searching for answers.


Although this may seem too easy to be true, all you have to do is start asking your audience questions about why they bought from you, why they didn’t buy from you, what motivates them to do what they are or aren’t doing, what types of problems are they running into as it relates to your product or service, etc.


You could also start combing through various forums, membership sites, or facebook groups to get a feel for some of the issues your potential customers are dealing with. Doing this will give you a whole new dimension of understanding when it comes to your audience.




With all the new intelligence you’ve gathered, your offers will start to stand out among the hordes of cheap info products being sold online today. Instead of being on the fence, people will think you’ve created your course or program SPECIFICALLY FOR THEM.


This is extremely powerful, but it’s just one simple way to increase the revenue on sales pages, opt-ins on lead pages, and open rates for your emails. Now that you understand the importance of paying closer attention to your fans, followers, and customers, the next thing you’ve got to do is…


Keep your ear to the streets… aka your market.


It’s no secret that things change quite often in our society, especially in the world of business. But if you’re not paying attention to wild and crazy world we call the INTERNET, you could lose everything if you’re not staying up to speed with social media, and the technology that drives it. However, no matter how fast the tech side of things move, which can be almost instantaneous, certain markets still follow certain trends that evolve at a slower pace than the digital realm.


Take sports for example… even though each major sports league is at the forefront of tech, and are worth multiple BILLIONS of dollars, when their seasons are over, that’s it… It’s all downhill until next year when everything starts over.


So if your niche or industry depends on certain times of the year to make the bulk of your income, then you’ve got to work hard while things are in full swing, and even harder in the off-season to prepare for what’s coming next. But if your industry operates year-round, you’ve got to be on the look-out every day for changes that might be taking place, or are coming down the pipeline.


So what does this have to do with conversions?


For starters, keeping tabs on the “pulse” of the marketplace means you can anticipate what’s next and prepare your marketing game-plan to take advantage of it. And if you’re the first to talk about things, you can also be the first person to offer a possible solution to that takes care of both current and impending problems.


This puts you in a position of authority because you’re bringing certain issues to the forefront before the audience hears about it from someone else. Once you become the AUTHORITY figure in people’s minds, all you have to do is give them something (of REAL value) to purchase.

It’s not as difficult as it may sound, but if you get the hang of it, you’ll be on the fast track to the TOP of the food chain in no time! Which leads to the most obvious way to crank up the conversion dial…

Build a reputable brand.


Have you ever wondered why certain companies seem to be permanently ingrained in the minds of consumers all around the world, while others seem to leave as quickly as the were established?


The simple answer is BRANDING, and it’s the BIG solution to almost every problem you’ll face as an entrepreneur. When’s the last time you got hungry while out and about? Depending on your lifestyle and where your are, a few options most-likely appeared in your mind…


McDonald’s, Burger King, or KFC.


These are without a doubt, three of the biggest fast food chains on the planet, and no one had to tell you about them for the thoughts of biting into one of their dollar menu deals to pop into your head.


How did this happen?


They are MASTERS of building brands! Thirsty? Why not add a Coke to your order? …see, another option you didn’t have to give much thought to. Before I get beside myself, some of these companies have been marketing and successfully selling their products for over 100 YEARS!


So in all honesty, they don’t really have to spend a ton of money on ads, or explain themselves to get you to choose them at the register. All that have to do is throw up a logo, and BAM! Instant sales. But every year these well known brands dump insane amounts of money to be seen in movies, global sporting events, and of course, online.


Each on of them understand the immense power of branding, and if you want to maximize your conversions, you’d better learn all you can about the science AND art of building brands. Think about this for a moment… big BILLION-DOLLAR corporations all had to start out somewhere. 


Before they were a “thing”, every one of them had to climb up from the bottom, just like you. The only difference today, is how much easier it is to get going than it was a century ago.


And it’s a lot easier to compete in just about any market, as long as you understand the mentality of your ideal clients, and can spare a couple hundred bucks to test on ads. But whatever you do, focus on raising your conversion rates at all costs, because once you know something works, all that needs to happen then is scaling!


Thanks for reading… and remember to…








Rhonda Swan • FOUNDER & CEO • Unstoppable Branding Agency & Sexy Brand Building Formula Programs
Ridiculously dedicated to inspiring Mother’s, Family’s, & Individuals to go after their dreams. Rhonda left her corporate JOB 11 years ago so she could raise her daughter and never put her in daycare. Today, she travels full time with her Unstoppable Family, and speaks on stages to inspire others to go after what they want out of life. Rhonda’s signature program is the Sexy Brand Building Formula – where she teaches others to transform their ideas into sexy profit making machines. Learn More:



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