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We Need to Raise Empowered Kids

//We Need to Raise Empowered Kids

I remember the day that changed my life just like it was yesterday. Up to that point, I was a “responsible” person and did everything society told me to do. I had a good job and was working my way up the corporate ladder.

The Course of My Life Changed in a Single Moment

But the course of my life was changed all by one scene. I witnessed a woman get chewed out by my boss for coming to a meeting late. This woman had just dropped off her newborn at daycare for the first time and she wasn’t handling it well. She was told that if she wanted to keep her job she was going to have to figure out how to get to work on time no matter what was going on with her child.

My eyes were opened to the future I was setting myself and my children up for. I wanted so much more for my kids than to spend their days in childcare, away from me. That day I vowed to never put my kids in daycare.

I’m Not The Only Woman That Have Had This Change of Thinking

Many women want to stay home with their kids, but they’ve been told they have to be responsible and get a good job. “Pursue the American Dream,” they say. “Get a good job with benefits,” they say. “Work as many hours a week as it takes to make it big,” they say.

I made a very risky decision and left the corporate world. Even Brian wasn’t on board right away. Starting a business knowing that it could end in failure is a risky move.

Our Success Took a Turn

Our business grew and had amazing success. Then we got the news. It was bad. Our real estate investment turned bad and we were swindled out of our money. I was standing there, holding my 6-month-old baby with another decision to make. Do I do the “responsible” thing and go back to work? Or do I keep my promise to her?

I Held Onto My Why

Hanalei became my “why”. She was the reason why I couldn’t give up on my commitments. Before I had her, it was all theoretical. When she was in my arms and I had a decision to make, it was real. That’s when it got tough. Was I going to back down? Not on your life.

I developed a laser focus on my why and went from there. The way is not always easy, but when you remember why you are doing what you have committed to, you aren’t going to give up.

What if Being a Responsible Mom Isn’t What You Think

What if the most responsible thing you could do with your life is to raise kids that are empowered? What if it is our job to raise a generation of children that learn how to think for themselves and create their own version of the American Dream?

I’m raising a child that can decide what her American Dream is. I don’t have expectations for her about what she should do with her life. In fact, I’ve always asked her what she wants to be now; not what she wants to be when she grows up.

Hanalei Has The Freedom to Be What She Wants to be Now

Hanalei has always been artistic and drawn to the arts. She’s had a sketchbook with her for as long as her little hands could hold a pencil. Over the last few years, she’s developed a real love for fashion.

A few months ago, Hanalei released the first few pieces of her fashion line. We’ve had plenty of people write off her accomplishments because she’s got online marketers as parents. Let me tell you something about this little girl, she works hard and puts in long hours.

Being Hanalei’s Mom Has Been Life Changing

She’s a huge inspiration to me. I was an adult before I developed passions. As a child, Hanalei is already deeply passionate about her art and fashion. This year, I feel I’ve seen a huge payoff for the commitment I made to her. What if I had chosen to go back to work and do the “responsible” thing? There’s no way I would have been able to invest in my daughter the way I have.

What if more families said “no” to the norms? What if more moms and dads were committed to raising their kids to pursue their dreams and passions now, not the moment they turn 18? What if we committed to living a passion driven life?

Here are 3 strategies I use to live a passion driven life:

  1. Check yourself  – Are you doing what you do because you love it or because it makes you money.
  2. Tap into your passion bank – When the moments are tough, you need to share with a community of people that support you.
  3. Be honest with yourself and get real

In my #1 Bestselling book “Skills Are Cheap, Passion Is Priceless”, I go deeply into fueling your life with passions and how to overcome anything in and turn it into a passionate driven life.

How to Raise Empowered Kids

If you want to raise empowered kids, then you have to lead by example. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help others build their personal brands and get their message out there. I think everyone deserves the chance to live their perfect day every day and give their kids the freedom to do the same.

The way we have parented her differently is that we asked her what she wants to be now. We aren’t asking her what she wants to be someday.  Here are 3 things you can do to help your children develop their passions:

  1. Let them know their voice matters – Help them shoot videos talking about their dreams and passions. In this age of social media, our kids can change the world with their message.
  2. Encourage them to take risks – Let them know it’s okay to fail. Failure is going to happen and the more you fail, the better you will become. If you don’t fail, you will never have the opportunity to learn.
  3. Feed their passions – If your child shows interest in something, give it a little fuel. Encourage them to explore more areas of their passion.

Let’s Live Our Own Version of The American Dream

I think the world needs more moms that are willing to break the status quo and pursue their own version of the American Dream. Our society needs children that grow up being able to do great things at every stage of their lives. It’s time we all Live Unstoppable!

Check out Hanalei’s idea of the American Dream on her website.



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