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There are 7 billion people in the world right now, and we’re are all trying to learn something. Here’s the thing, the way we learn has changed. Through social media, we’re able to find, follow and connect with people who are already doing what we want to do. We’re learning more from videos, podcasts, and online products than we could through years of schooling.

People don’t need someone with an MBA, PHD, or something else to teach them. We just need someone who’s a few steps ahead of us. Obviously there are some industries like doctors and lawyers that people need to have that education. However, for many areas of life, we need someone that has gotten further in that particular area than we have.

And that someone is you!

You might be in fitness, yoga, real estate, sales, healthy eating, personal development, art, potato guns, amazon, how to build an app, or shopify….the list goes on.

How do we take what we know, package it, structure it, market it, monetize it and change people’s lives?

First thing is to realize you are an expert!

This is the reason that we host our Unstoppable Mastermind events. We bring people that are hungry for sharing their passion with others and help them do just that. There are so many personal break-throughs that happen at these events.

In all of our years in online working, what we have found is that nothing can replace live events. That is why we want to giveaway a spot to our upcoming Unstoppable Mastermind that is taking place in Vegas July 26-27. We want you to be successful!

How to Enter to Win The Unstoppable Mastermind Event

If you know me at all you know – without a shadow of a doubt, I would never promote, share or recommend something I didn’t believe in 100%. It’s part of my fiber and who I am as a person.

This is why I stopped everything I was doing to help my friend Russell Brunson promote his newest book “Expert Secrets” so that we could get this message into the hands of more people.
Get your copy of the book and I will register you to win a trip to Vegas!

Expert Secrets

Comment below if you have it.

Russell Brunsons’ Expert Secrets Book

This book will show you how to sell what you know, how to build a mass movement and an incredible business in the best possible time to do so.

There has never been a better chance to learn from the creator of Clickfunnels, who has perfectly laid out a road map to create the business of your dreams inside his book.

The teachings in his book are responsible for the success we have seen in our business over the last 6 months alone.

He talks about being 1 funnel away from your greatest success and we couldn’t agree more.

Our company’s revenue went from 0-$500k in 6 months with just one funnel, and by following the Secrets he discusses for creating a massive movement and following.

We are extremely excited to partner with Russell and to get this message out to more people!

Interview With Russell Brunson

I had the great opportunity to interview Russell on Facebook Live the other day. You can check out more about this guy and what he has to offer.

So what are you waiting for? Get your FREE copy of Expert Secrets now. ( you only pay the shipping costs). Once you have signed up for your copy, then you will need to enter to win the tickets.

Whatever it is your good at there could be countless people out there trying to learn what’s in your head!

You kick ass and take names, everyone wants your advice. Now is the time to learn how to get it out there….. and get paid for your advice!

I truly believe this book is leg up…over any business book I have read, and Russell is a true value based entrepreneur.


Don’t forget to get your copy of Russell’s new book and enter to win a trip to Vegas!

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