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How to Write Quality Blog Posts

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Every day, thousands and thousands of blog posts are being added to the web. So, how do you get what you have to say to stand out? Take the time to write high quality blog posts.

Why You Need a Blog

Before I get into how to write quality blog posts, I want to share with you a few stats that will help you to understand why it is important to keep your blog going. No matter what industry you are in, keeping up with your blog will give you a bigger return on your investment.

Why Write High Quality Blog Posts

There are many different reasons that it is important to write high quality posts. These reasons include:

Worth Reading

Have you ever clicked on a great headline, only to be disappointed by the content? I have. It is frustrating to me when I’ve taken the time to look at what someone has to say, but the content is worthless. You will attract more people to you if you will give them the real information that they are searching for.

Better SEO

While Google often changes their algorithm, there is something that they always take into consideration- quality. Their algorithms take into account readability, length, and keywords. When you have good content, Google takes notice.

Contributes To Your Branding

If you want to attract high quality clients, you need to present yourself well. Providing a reader with the best experience will go a long way in establishing your brand. When you publish shallow, poorly written content, you are telling potential clients what they can expect out of your work.

How to Write a High Quality Blog Post

There are many things to consider when writing a high quality blog post. These are the top things to focus on.

Share Valuable Information

You have valuable information that people need. Give your reader action points that they can implement right away. If they can put your advice into practice immediately, it will give them a reason to come back.

It is very important that you stay away from fluff in your content. This is a huge turn off to the reader. Aim to share real information from start to finish.

Pay Attention To Your Readability Score

The readability score tells you what education level an individual needs to have in order to comprehend your content. It is based off of the Flesch Reading test. In order to maximize your SEO and provide the best content to your audience, you should keep this score between 7-8. You can install a plugin to your website to give you the score. Also, you can use the Hemingway App to give you the score and highlight problem areas that you should consider changing.  

Include Infographics and Videos

A great blog post has a combination of valuable information, infographics and videos if possible. Make sure that the images and videos you share are in line with your branding. I always like to use pictures of myself for quote pictures as a personal touch. Also, I like to include statistics as much as possible to add validity to the content.

Quote Other Sources

Not only is it good for your SEO to quote other people and link to valuable blog posts, it gives your reader more perspective. ProBlogger has a great article on how to use quotes. You can bring legitimacy and authority to your blog by taking the time to link to articles written by other authorities.

If you aren’t sure how to quote those sources, be sure to check out this guide on HubSpot.

The goal in writing a valuable blog post is to create the best possible experience for your reader. Make the content relatable, images on brand, and videos packed with information. When you take the time to create a well written post, it will be noticed.

My passion is to provide you with the information you need to be successful in growing your online business. If you want more information like this, check out the Sexy Branding Formula that I put together. 

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